10 thoughts on “Love Is All Around: The Making of the Mary Tyler Moore Show

  1. Mike Butler Mike Butler says:

    This book arrived in good time , in great shape and I am so happy to finally have it as part of my collection Thanks

  2. Aubrey Holt Aubrey Holt says:

    It s a sad thing this is now out of print, because it was a lot of fun learning about the development of the show and get the accounts of so many people involved in it The cover art is also really charming.If I had to say there was a weak spot in the book, it would probably be the author s desperate search for a feminist angle in the show s writing and creation I m not saying there couldn t have been one or that it would be a bad thing But he reaches for this angle in just about every plot and and episode script, and it s almost never where anyone involved with the show said there was one It begins to feel forced.I d still recommend this book because it provides a lot of very interesting background Thankfully there are a lot of cheap used copies, which is how I got the book.

  3. olingerstories olingerstories says:

    This is primarily a book about the writers of the Mary Tyler Moore show, James Brooks and Allan Burns being the foundational pair Moore herself declined to be interviewed, but nearly everyone else associated with the show contributes The main take away from the book other than the fact that network executives are truly clueless the majority of the time is that the writers were given free reign to produce scripts that developed the characters The aim was not the cheap laugh, nor the easy laugh, but the sustained one.In that respect, MTM deserves its praise as a landmark comedy.

  4. KarlaMazzola KarlaMazzola says:

    I am so thrilled about this book First of all it arrived really quickly and was packed very well The condition of the book is great also This book LOVE IS ALL AROUND is one I have wanted for a long time Its a wonderful tribute to one of the best shows EVER on tv.It includes lots of behind the scenes info and is written in quite a witty style The book is GREAT and I am soooo happy to finally have it in my collection I would strongly recommend to any MARY TYLER MOORE fan this awesome book LOVE IS ALL AROUND Thanks again Fondly IMARIE

  5. voracious reader voracious reader says:

    Good look at the making of the memorable TV sitcom Unfortunately they don t make em like this any

  6. Richard Niell Donovan Richard Niell Donovan says:

    I was looking for stories about MTM and company This, as the title states, is about what it took to run the show Not as interesting as I had hoped.

  7. Jean Jean says:

    Wonderful book on the history of the Mary Tyler Moore show and will tell you everything you need to know about the show and it s fantastic characters It also features a chronicle of the entire series from 1970 to 1977 one of the top 5 shows of all time.

  8. philip philip says:

    Nice behind the scenes look

  9. NCScoundrel NCScoundrel says:

    A great book about one of the all time best series ever Full of info on the show behind the scenes If you like the show you will really enjoy this.

  10. Harringtons Harringtons says:

    The book is exactly as described Thank you.

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