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Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) A well written, clear and concise coverage of graph theory and combinatorics But it does limit itself to simple, undirected graphs so it wasn t quite what I was looking for, but still than worth having for anyone starting out on graph theory. I had the misfortune of having a professor who was not entirely familiar with the material presented in the class, and he used this book as a sole reference for a good 4 5 of the course Coming into the class, I had a strong Graph Theory background, to the point where I was familiar with all of the material of the first eight weeks of class or so yet I strongly contend that the material presented in this book does not substantially help the reader comprehend some of the complex concepts The chapters have a lack of detailed examples explaining proofs of theorems or otherwise give abridged proofs that are not ideal and don t even seem like valid proofs to me There are no homework solutions available, not even online, so that further hinders the student because he will not have anything valid to study from Often, some of the homework problems made sudden jumps in difficulty from the material that was presented to what was expected of the student Some problems had solutions where no similar intuition or reasoning was presented in the chapter before, so it required vast amounts of re reading and looking for outside sources or relying on classmates like me who knew it for most students in my class.My negative experience was especially compounded by my professor s ineptitude at Graph Theory, but trying to set that bias aside I really wish this book was turned into a full textbook that worked on fixing its many flaws My biggest peeve is that it is very hard to use as a reference since the authors do not even glossary concepts Most are italicized which is impossible to spot in this font , but still others are just not.Overall, perhaps a future version will be worth using in the classroom or for reference, but this version is not able to reach those standards. It was exactly what I wanted The item was delivered on time, no further problems The edition is perfect and meets my requirements I definitely suggest it for anyone who wants a first introduction in graph theory and combinatorics. What a great book I cannot believe this little gem has not garnered any reviews The text is split into three sections graph theory combinatorics and infinite graph theory and combinatorics I ve only read the first two sections but both are excellent The exposition is clear and concise I even found myself looking forward to reading the next chapter The book s only flaw is not providing solutions to the exercises but do not let this put you off. My background I am an MIS major that discovered too late that he had an intense love for the mathematics behind the magic of computer science I had previously only taken business calc and Discrete Math for CS majors The book assigned was Tucker s book which does a great job on generating functions, but loses brevity completely when entering the field of recursive relations.This book s explanations dealing with poker hands did what Tucker s and Grimaldi s books left me hanging on Treatment on the binomial theorem and its related applications was also very thorough and at an acceptable level The beauty of this book however is that the exercises rapidly increase in punch, and I still return to it from time to time to tease out new relationships.It s introduction to graph theory is also very stellar and it decides to introduce it before the combinatorial arguments, which if I d had a little stronger comp sci background before taking the class, I would have found a much gradual introduction to the general theories.I m still raising in mathematical ability, and I plan on tackling this book when I ve gotten a little maturity under my belt.Excellent book Hands down. I used this as a self study for graph theory The combinatorics part of it was just icing on the cake.The problem I had with discrete math textbooks were they treated graph theory as some sort of sideshow attraction to fill the book.And the point was to show off neat examples, and not really provide a solid foundation in graph theory.The authors go beyond Eulers bridges problem and color counting The theorems are presented with the proofs, and they have just enough examples to instruct Could they add a bunch examples and flashy sidebars sure However, the authors provide enough examples when needed without fluff, but important they provide solid coverage on graph theory.The only real negative is the writing style is not as great as one would hope.Combinatorics coverage has some interesting depth beyond the standard textbooks The stable marriage problem alone is examined to n degrees of depth with variations on solutions.Polyas theory of counting is extensively presented as well Yes Euler gets his number theory coverage as well.Overall there are flaws with the book, but nothing earth shattering The authors did a great job of covering the topics beyond the basics, and leveraged examples to illustrate variations which really made this book shine. The book was in excellent condition and as described. These Notes Were First Used In An Introductory Course Team Taught By The Authors At Appalachian State University To Advanced Undergraduates And Beginning Graduates The Text Was Written With Four Pedagogical Goals In Mind Offer A Variety Of Topics In One Course, Get To The Main Themes And Tools As Efficiently As Possible, Show The Relationships Between The Different Topics, And Include Recent Results To Convince Students That Mathematics Is A Living Discipline I m a computer engineer and this textbook was part of a discrete mathematics course I took during undergrad Firstly, I ll tell you that I love reading textbooks, but there are very few that are written and delivered in a manner that makes me actually want to read them through This book is one of those few I loved reading this book The content is organized into nice, not so overwhelming chunks, which makes it an easy read for such technical content The authors styles and explanations are great Some of the questions can be challenging in a good way , but they are manageable and really solidify the material I read the book from cover to cover and learned a ton This was a few years ago and still I find myself recalling content from this book when I m facing challenges that are remotely graph theory I will even add that it s a great read for anyone in the software engineering field as it really hammers down on those essential graph theory concepts One of the best textbooks I ve ever read.

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