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About Behaviorism Fascinating insight into behaviour by B G Skinner Skinner s famous researched into behaviour, by using his famous Skinner Box to see if conditioning animals could also be done on humans, is a must read Anyone studying Psychology or starting out would find the book fascinating and a great help. The Basic Book About The Controversial Philosophy Known As Behaviorism, Written By Its Leading Exponent Bibliography, Index The theories and methods are all very dated now, but for a historical outlook on modern psychology, this is a must. Information A bit difficult to grasp all of the concepts in behaviorism that Skinner presents, but well worth the read I think it s a book that you could read over and over again and gain something new each time from. Great Skinner s About Behaviourism is a fascinating introduction to a philosophy ideology so misrepresented in the media and textbooks alike.People tend to muddle up Watson s and Pavlov early behaviour called methodological behaviourism here and Skinner s sophisticated radical version of the 1940s and 1950s They also seem to believe that Chomsky had rebutted Skinner but nothing could be further from the truth.The book begins with 20 criticisms of radical behaviourism These are addressed throughout the books and rebutted in summary form in the very last chapter.Skinner is a very powerful and convincing writer His style is succinct and pithy To me, it s like the best prose I just can t stop reading this book. I find the subject quite interesting, but I think the author was trying to use too many unecessary long words By the third chapter I thought I was reading a Dictionary.

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