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iTunes Music: Mastering High Resolution Audio Delivery: Produce Great Sounding Music with Mastered for iTunes Apple S Exciting New Mastered For ITunes MFiT Initiative, Introduced In Early , Introduces New Possibilities For Delivering High Quality Audio For The First Time, Record Labels And Program Producers Are Encouraged To Deliver Audio Materials To ITunes In A High Resolution Format, Which Can Produce Better Sounding Masters In ITunes Music, Author And World Class Mastering Engineer Bob Katz Starts Out With The Basics, Surveys The Recent Past, And Brings You Quickly Up To Thepresent Where The Current State Of Digital Audio Is Bleak Katz Explains The Evolution Of Standards For Dynamic Range Through The Present And With Implications For The Future He Details The New Methods That Apple Is Developing To Accept High Resolution Audio And Shows Step By Step How Audio Engineers And Producers Can Take Advantage Of Them This Book Is Designed For All Those Dealing With Sound, From Sound Engineers To Music Industry Executives And Musicians And Those Aspiring To All These Roles This Book Will Help You Understand The Issues Around Delivering High Quality Environment And Get All Your Facts Straight For When You Encounter Resistance To Good Sound Topics Covered Include Contrasting The Production Of CD Albums With ITunes Albums High Resolution Audio Dithering Distortion And How To Avoid It Lossy Coding Loudness Metering Sound Check And How It Affects Our Production Techniques Apple S Tools For Mastered For ITunes Foreword By Renowned Mastering Engineer Bob Ludwig Join The Forums At Digido ITunes, For The Latest Information And Discussions Great reading for anyone interested in all aspects of iTunes and mastering for the iTunes Store. Not for the beginner but it is still a simplified version of events by one of the worlds leading authorities and who has been working with Apple to develop the quality of their music supply. clears up what you need to know and Thorough and insightful This is a concise guide to mastering for iTunes, highlighting the various pitfalls that one can encounter if some basic rules are not adhered to The explanation on, and justification for, dithering is well worth the read. This book is very good reference for me More good for who want to get to know Mixing and Mastering A decent primer on mastering HiRez audio My big complaint is that it focuses on audio delivery to Apple for inclusion in the iTunes store I would have like info on doing your own mastered for iTunes for home and personal studio use. The title suggests that this book is especially about how to master for iTunes It is not There is a minor part about the history and background of mastered for iTunes Tracks and some technical points And there is a lot about metering, intersample peaks and other general aspects of mastering If you already know about these general aspects the book is a little bit disappointing.Unfortunately the world of music technology is changing fast and the book isn t really up to date Apparently the last revision of the text was done somewhat two years ago, aprox 2012, despite the copyright says 2013.On the other hand, there is an invitation to Bob Katz s own website where you can find latest discussions and news about the topic.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the iTunes Music: Mastering High Resolution Audio Delivery: Produce Great Sounding Music with Mastered for iTunes book, this is one of the most wanted Bob Katz author readers around the world.

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