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Ship of the Dead (Omega Days Novel) Readers Who Enjoyed The Strain Trilogy, By Guillermo Del Toro And Chuck Hogan, Will Find Plenty To Satisfy Them Here San Francisco Book Review On Omega DaysIn The Weeks Following The Omega Virus Outbreak, Survivors Form Desperate Clusters, Uniting To Defend Against Hordes Of The Walking Dead But They Can Only Hide For So Long Father Xavier Church Never Wanted To Be A Leader Nonetheless, He S Grown Attached To His Fellow Survivors, And He Won T Let Anyone Cause Them Harm Though He May Be The One Who Inadvertently Leads Them To DestructionEx Con Bill Carnes May Crave Freedom, But He Still Prefers Sticking With The Group Rather Than Fleeing To Mexico With His Former Cellmate TC Maybe He S Changing Or Maybe The Look In TC S Eyes Is Dangerous Than The UndeadEMT Rosa Escobedo Gave Up On Hope After She Watched The Man She Loved Rise From The Dead But When A Patient Seems To Start Getting Better, She Can T Help But Hope For A Cure, Even If It Means Risking Her LifeAs The Numbers Of The Dead Swell, The Living Are Running Out Of Safe Havens Especially When The Biggest Threats Lie Within Their Own Ranks

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    Really enjoying this series, great characters, I cried.

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    enjoyed the second episode than the first Very good read

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    Top notch Recommended

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    This is a great book, think I enjoyed it even than the first one, a great series, very well written with interesting and believable characters and fantastic action.

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    Book two and back in full swing by page 10 And guess what It never slows down, based in the San Fran Cisco area, the surviver strapped by the oncoming hoard, make way to the Nimitz aircraft carrier that had ran aground in the bay.Split in

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    This is definitely a 5 star rating as the stakes get higher than they ve ever been for Father Xavier, Angie, Skye, Carney and their groups as they all come together for one final showdown and what they hope will be their last dealing with the livin

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    un Holy walking drifters This novel ratcheted up the action at least tenfold It is definitely a nail biting page turner from the beginning Picking up where the first one Omega Days left off and only gets tighter, hairier, tenser, bloodier and even gory than

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    As a retired USN CAPTAIN ,I was aboard the Nimitz, so the description during the several fights in the ship were extremely accurate I read Omega days sometime ago, and I am waiting for the following book in Jan 2015 Well written,several stories all knitted together.Ch

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    Really enjoyed the first book in the series, however was disappointed in how long until the second book was published.It was worth the wait, the second book was outstanding good characters and action made for a fast paced read Disappointed on how they characters worked to clear

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