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Murder Of Crows: A Novel of the Others (Other Novels (Anne Bishop)) This series of books are my go to favourites, the world building and character complexities just drag me in and refuse to let go.These are truly outstanding novels woven with heartbreak, sorrow, love and true joys.Be warned once you ve read the first you ll be hooked Return To New York Times Bestselling Author Anne Bishop S World Of The Others Where Supernatural Entities And Humans Struggle To Co Exist, And One Woman Has Begun To Change All The Rules After Winning The Trust Of The Others Residing In The Lakeside Courtyard, Meg Corbyn Has Had Trouble Figuring Out What It Means To Live Among Them As A Human, Meg Should Be Barely Tolerated Prey, But Her Abilities As A Cassandra Sangue Make Her Something The Appearance Of Two Addictive Drugs Has Sparked Violence Between The Humans And The Others, Resulting In The Murder Of Both Species In Nearby Cities So When Meg Has A Dream About Blood And Black Feathers In The Snow, Simon Wolfgard Lakeside S Shape Shifting Leader Wonders If Their Blood Prophet Dreamed Of A Past Attack Or A Future Threat As The Urge To Speak Prophecies Strikes Meg Frequently, Trouble Finds Its Way Inside The Courtyard Now, The Others And The Handful Of Humans Residing There Must Work Together To Stop The Man Bent On Reclaiming Their Blood Prophet And Stop The Danger That Threatens To Destroy Them All One of my favourite authors Anne Bishop never fails to entertain Anne creates a world and then hangs everything together on the internal logic of that world Here we also have the play on words For those that are not aware a murder is a flock of crows but the Crows are also capable of transforming into humans The Crows are murdered.Humans also start to realise that those who can switch into animals or birds are not the real masters of the world but Others who are much powerful I did think some of the portrayal of humans showed them to be collectively stupid than even our race is likely to bebut maybe not. I m not going to right too much because there are plenty of other great reviews, just wanted to add my own appreciation The world Anne Bishop has created is so real that I find myself thinking what if had happened If only had worked out I wonder if he ll work that out before it s too late hours, days and weeks afterwards This series is a must but for me, though I do usually wait for the price to drop first sorry but the hardbacks are a bit pricey and drive the kindle price up. I have devoured Anne Bishop books, in particular her black jewels series and now the others too This is the second book in the series and I would recommend that you read the first one written in red before indulging in her second book of the series murder of crows This book follows various characters but in the main it revolves around Meg and Simon Simplistically this is a romance with a fantasy twist, although dark in places, it has many light moments which give the book a satisfyingly rounded feel I leave other reviewers to give a break down of the story and leave this review with the high accolade by saying that I would and in fact have re read this book and many others written by Anne Bishop. This book as a wonderful extension to the first and I m eager to read on and on The story builds and the tension with it, I devour them one after the other My only complaints about this is the kindle edition is was so expensive 14 publishers really for a copy that cost nothing to print, doesn t require warehouse storage or postage That, and the story ended far too fast for my liking.I loved the first book, and this was a very enjoyable follow up The interactions between the characters are very fun, and Meg s character growth is nice to observe As a reader I m falling and in love with the characters in the Courtyard Plot wise, slight niggle is that I felt the story conflict the plot was building up to at the end was resolved a little bit too quicklyThe ANGST oh, the angst I feel knowing I have to wait another year for the next book Much weeping and gnashing of teeth indeed. The second in The Others series, this book does not disappoint The story is filled with plenty of complex characters and as most of Anne Bishop s stories goes into the mechanics of a society that is similar but not the same as the human one I enjoyed this one as much as the first part and am already looking forward to the March release of Vision in Silver , which will be part 3 of this 5 part series.Compared to Bishop s Dark Jewels books and stories in the same universe, this seems to do a bit less of the old punching a fist through my chest and ripping out my heart of killing off favourite characters or, at the very minimum making their lives painstakingly uncomfortable There is darkness and violence but due to its nature it doesn t seem to have quite the same sadistic undertone here it comes natural.Can t wait to get my hands on the next instalment.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Murder Of Crows: A Novel of the Others (Other Novels (Anne Bishop)) book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Bishop author readers around the world.

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