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Digital Photography for Dummies, Special DVD Bundle An Amazing Value For Digital Photography Beginners Digital Cameras Photography For Dummies, A Full Color Book, Plus A Minute DVD This Value Priced Bundle Is The Perfect How To Package For Novice Digital Photographers Who Want To Start Taking Great Pictures Right Away It Features A Page, Full Color Guide That Shows How To Take Great Photos, Edit Them, And Show Them Off Including Special Makeover Chapters That Explain How To Turn Bad Photos Into Good Ones The Minute DVD Demonstrates How To Work With Light, Focus, And Exposure To Get Great Photos When Shooting Sports Action, In Low Light, Or A Panorama It Also Offers Tutorials On Editing With Photoshop Elements And Sharing Photos Using Online Services

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    In my opinion this book is just basic book in photography However, it is simple, easy to understand and useful for travellers.

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    Bought this for my Husband last Christmas to go with the digital camera he got for his Birthday He has only just opened it, however, I am pleased to report he is now looking down the right end of the camera

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    the book and dvd were o k but a bit too bassic for my needs perhaps I m not such a dummy

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    I bought this as a present for my sister who was quite upset that I thought she was a Dummy , be careful not to upset people with this label She said the book was average, at times confusing She said it takes than a dummy to read it

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    loved it.thank you

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    A good reference for starters.

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    The DVD is pretty sparse, with only approximately 1 hour of material It does not go much in depth, so this really is just an Overview type book dvd.A dummies book really is just an overview, after all And this is for ALL digital photography, not DSLRs specific So, don t expect too much.lost 1 star, since other dummies books I have, work great as a quick reference this one doesn t quite measure up because it does

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    Covers the basics of digital camera use I bought this for a friend that I gave and old Cannon SLR She had never done any SLR cameras before I also gave her an old Minolta SLR with a 28 200 zoom lens, thinking using the film camera would help thinking about things like shutter speed, film speed, f stop She went straight to the digital using this I m sure she is using the icons on the camera instead of shooting manual o

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    The book is fine if you have never ever held a camera in your hands It s very basic, and of the book is about editing photos than actually taking them It s not you regular for dummies book that is big, this is of a mini version.

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    Service and information first class.Goods arrived in very good time considering they came from the United StatesThank you.

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    Thumbs up

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