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Camera Raw with Photoshop For Dummies The big attraction of this series of Dummies books is that we who buy these products are happy to accept the limitations of our own knowledge whilst placing great value on the works of those who understand the subject If, therefore, your own expertise is well beyond beginner level, there is no point in your purchasing this product just to exercise your superiority by writing a less than praiseworthy review It s called showing off I am currently in the process of converting from film to digital photography and there are certain aspects which I have found quite daunting Altogether, I have purchased several books and tutorial DVDs on the subject as that process of conversion continues.Having already worked my way through other titles in this series with camera in hand I find these books speak my language and continue to provide an excellent grounding.This book starts at the beginning of the story Raw is both explained and justified at the beginning of a section headed Getting to know bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop exactly why I bought the book in the first place Having established some of the basic skills, Raw is then explained in much detail just as building bricks are placed on top of building bricks to create a much greater structure.As that process continues, so we learn and about the subject in hand until we have mastered and there is no reason why these skills should not be mastered from following the guidelines, advice and instructions given Colour management, workflow, Adobe bridge, image management and much besides.I have not previously encountered the work of author Kevin Moss, but he is clearly one who not only knows his subject but also has the ability to explain things in that easy to follow format in which this series of books excels.NM Offered By Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Sony, And Other Leading Camera Manufacturers, The Camera Raw Format Lets Photographers Create High Resolution Digital Negatives Uncompressed, Unprocessed Images That They Can Then Manage And Convert Using Photoshop Cameras Featuring Camera Raw Capabilities Are Now Priced As Low As This Book Explains What Camera Raw Is, Why Serious Amateur And Professional Photographers Need It, And How To Make The Most Of It Using Photoshop S Powerful Camera Raw Plug In Topics Covered Include Evaluating And Working With Camera Raw Images, Harnessing Photoshop Camera Raw Tools, Using Metadata, Understanding Color, And Correcting Images OK Foolish of me to buy such a graphic, pictorial book as a Kindle download it is one of the better Dummy books very well thought out and impossible to digest properly on a Kindle. As with all the.for dummies manuals aimed at beginners with no experience of software Excellent value Use it as reference when I get stuck. OK for information and price but prefer Photography books in hard back easier to dip in and out of when editing photo s. Having read many reviews from 2010 to 2015 nobody mentions that this book is 10 years old and quite useless, as camera raw has changed so much My own fault really for not giving the view inside scrutiny, as its mentioned there. Good instruction see how the pictures work out.

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