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A Beginner's Guide to Mathematical Logic (Dover Books on Mathematics) It s OK,in the sense that I thought I had understood the text until I did Exercises 1 and 2 in Chapter 1 Perhaps another reviewer can help me out here, but Exercise 1 asks us to prove a certain Boolean equation valid using Smullyan s indexing method But as far as I can tell, the equation is not valid The exercise does not ask us to determine the validity or otherwise of the equation, jut to prove that it is valid Exercise 2 asks us to use the same method to prove 4 further equations are valid, but only 3 of them seem to be Nor are the solutions to these exercises given Perhaps I am wrong, or perhaps misdirection is a normal part of the author s writing style The book nice and simple in explaining logic Raymond Smullyan 95 and still going strong Genuinely starts at the beginning and gets farther, with clarity, than 99% of writer on this topic As a writer, on a par with Martin Gardner, of Blessed Memory. Very good Very helpful Easy to read and to understand. Combining Stories Of Great Philosophers, Quotations, And Riddles With The Fundamentals Of Mathematical Logic, This New Textbook For First Courses In Mathematical Logic Was Written By The Subject S Creative Master Raymond Smullyan Offers Clear, Incremental Presentations Of Difficult Logic Concepts With Creative Explanations And Unique Problems Related To Proofs, Propositional Logic And First Order Logic, Undecidability, Recursion Theory, And Other Topics

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