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The Godelian Puzzle Book: Puzzles, Paradoxes and Proofs It says it s entertaining for all all ages, so I took that at face value Very disappointed to discover the language was that of a postgraduate degree in maths Maybe child geniuses would enjoy it Not suitable as a Christmas present for someone who likes sudoku and the like. This book is extremely entertaining, full of educational, thought provoking, and sometimes difficult logic puzzles I m a huge fan of Smullyan and his work and this book certainly did not disappoint This book is a great way to learn about Godel s theorems without any risk of falling asleep.That said, I am not a fan of typos and errors, and this book is full of them Several of the puzzles are impossible to solve because a wrong name is used in the scenario, and some of the proofs are equally problematic Anyone paying close attention will be able to work around the issues, but that should not be required of the reader I m not sure why these problems weren t caught during a review phase.Were this book any less excellent I would have given it three or perhaps even two stars as a result of the errors I m disappointed by the issues, but would still highly recommend the book Just be extra alert as you work through it. I cannot fault the content of the book But I find the writing style of the author to be utterly frustrating, to the point where it severly impacted upon my ability to continue reading. The book was a gift for a very clever girl which is age 18 I hope she will enjoy it Like most Smullyan books, this is a good chance to take your brain out for a jog. The content of the book is excellent I m halfway through it and can t put it down.However there are so far a few errors which are kind of annoying In the pictures you see a repeated paragraph and inconsistent quoting The last might seem like a nit, but given that a big subject in the book is self reference it can throw the reader off balance I also found some wrong solutions to the puzzle, particularly in chapter 9, but I don t think the editing is to be blamed for that part.So I d say buy it But I really hope a new edition is made with corrections. These Recreational Logic Puzzles Provide Entertaining Variations On G Del S Incompleteness Theorems, Offering Ingenious Challenges Related To Infinity, Truth And Provability, Undecidability, And Other Concepts Written By A Distinguished Mathematician And Creator Of Numerous Popular Puzzle Books, This Volume Requires No Background In Formal Logic And Will Delight Readers Of All Ages Each time I think that Raymond Smullyan has reached his upper limit, he produces a book even amazing, wondrous, and stupendous He is a boundless source of creativity and ingenuity, and not even his advanced years deter him in the slightest His latest Godelian Puzzle Book is a true masterpiece a mixture of humor and brilliance which entertainingly bares the very mind and soul of the eminent logician Kurt G del I can not recommend this book enough I am not a professional student of Logic but Smullyan s other books have kept very busyover a long time span This book takes me just where I wanted to go to apractical account of why Godel has made such a tremendous impact

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Godelian Puzzle Book: Puzzles, Paradoxes and Proofs book, this is one of the most wanted Raymond Smullyan author readers around the world.