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Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach This Beginning Graduate Textbook Describes Both Recent Achievements And Classical Results Of Computational Complexity Theory Requiring Essentially No Background Apart From Mathematical Maturity, The Book Can Be Used As A Reference For Self Study For Anyone Interested In Complexity, Including Physicists, Mathematicians, And Other Scientists, As Well As A Textbook For A Variety Of Courses And Seminars More Than Exercises Are Included With A Selected Hint Set The Book Starts With A Broad Introduction To The Field And Progresses To Advanced Results Contents Include Definition Of Turing Machines And Basic Time And Space Complexity Classes, Probabilistic Algorithms, Interactive Proofs, Cryptography, Quantum Computation, Lower Bounds For Concrete Computational Models Decision Trees, Communication Complexity, Constant Depth, Algebraic And Monotone Circuits, Proof Complexity , Average Case Complexity And Hardness Amplification, Derandomization And Pseudorandom Constructions, And The PCP Theorem This book would be quite good as a text book, but I did not really get on with the style or the presentations of the arguments It is however a modern text book and has good coverage of the topics. Though I haven t completed reading the entire text, I use it as a handy reference for state of the art content on Complexity Theory The book is up to date and well organized, Part One is an Excellent Coverage of the Basics just a sufficiently indepth coverage and just good enough mathematical treatment An excellent Modern Day Companion to Garey Johnson The most comprehensive introduction on computational complexity by far Arguments are presented in a clear way and good distribution among the chapters I suggest this book for a graduate introduction to the subject, but also as a masterpiece in your computer science personal library.

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