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Combinatorics: Topics, Techniques, Algorithms Combinatorics Is A Subject Of Increasing Importance, Owing To Its Links With Computer Science, Statistics And Algebra This Is A Textbook Aimed At Second Year Undergraduates To Beginning Graduates It Stresses Common Techniques Such As Generating Functions And Recursive Construction Which Underlie The Great Variety Of Subject Matter And Also Stresses The Fact That A Constructive Or Algorithmic Proof Is Valuable Than An Existence Proof The Book Is Divided Into Two Parts, The Second At A Higher Level And With A Wider Range Than The First Historical Notes Are Included Which Give A Wider Perspective On The Subject More Advanced Topics Are Given As Projects And There Are A Number Of Exercises, Some With Solutions Given

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    Naughty, naughty, naughty You changed your packaging from nice recyclable cardboard to nasty, nasty plastic bubble wrap Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad Musn t do it again

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    This is a graduate level text that presents advanced material and yet is easier to understand than most high school texts and could probably be used without trouble at the undergraduate level The writing is vibrant and lucid it is a pleasure to read I could come up with a few minor complaints about the presentation of this or that but these comments would be silly and not very relevant.The book contains an ab

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    The text is not pleasing to my eyes Infant stand reading from this book It doesn t seem as organized to me I think Stanley s is better.

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    This isn t your usual urn has 3 red balls and 5 white balls sort of combinatorics book It s sigma notation all over the place, if you know what I mean.The first part can be used for undergraduates and the second part is advanced The book is broad in scope because, as the author explains, so is the subject matter.The chapters have techniques and algorithms It s not a book that has a slew of examples of combinatorial prob

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    Combinatorics is a bit of an oddity Although a few principles like pigeonholing apply in many cases, every combinatorial problem has unique features Attacking a new situation is almost like starting all over again, unless you can recognize an old problem in your new one.This book gives a number brief case studies Its 18 chapters not counting intro and closing span a variety of interesting topics Cameron doesn t write down to t

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    The book is divided into two parts corresponding roughly to undergraduate material and graduate The selection of topics is robust the writing is clear and consise The level is senior and above The reader should have some knowledge of advanced math such as group theory, and analysis of algorithms Great book One of the best ever

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