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Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth A good book but seems to be made up of chunks I assume she covered on her TV show The section on Oklahoma and the attempt to rely on lightly regulated capitalism is a fascinating case study in US corruption and failure For the corruption in Russia it is worth reading Red Notice which is better The long history of oil industry lobbying is instructive It is cheaper for Exxon to finance a few politicians and lobby groups than clean up their industry Says it all. A must read This is a very interesting and very well written history of the oil and gas sector with an American focus and keen eye on how the sector has developed in Russia I follow the news closely each day, but I still learned a lot about even quite recent events If you are interested in learning about the oil and gas sector, climate change or corruption around the world, this should be an interestin read. The history of oil and gas exploration has always been deeply ingrained in politics and conservation as extracting oil and gas is exactly at odds with care for the environment Rachel Maddow, who has her own programme on MSNBC five evening a week, is a matchless explainer of complex stories, pointing out the links along the torturous chains of greed and corruption This is an essential book of illumination and warning and is at the absolute heart of the reasons Trump is beholden to Russia. As Rachel Maddow does every night on her MSNBC program, starting with the smallest detail and developing the news story of the day so that we all understand it, she delivers the same in this book The oil and gas industry, is the richest, most powerful, and most destructive industry on the globe is her claim, and she goes on to prove those words.Developing this premise, she goes on to give us example after example about this industry From historical and present day research we come to understand that the powerful who made their money in this industry, left their particular country or area poorer, problematic and impoverished The money goes to the powerful, and it does not trickledown This is how and why Putin in this present day wants to remain powerful with his gas and oil industries He managed our present leader so that any rules mDe in the Obama era that might cause him harm, have been lifted He is now free to plunder the world, and leave those countries with less power From Eisenhower to Putin, she traces the evo,union of oil and gas industry Her book is going to prove to be the book for all who are working for climate control She gives some suggestions on what we can do, but it is a look at the history and the stories within This book is for all of us, easy to read, to understand, and to worry about.Recommended prisrob 10 02 19 Maddow is clinical and entertaining She understands how to tell a story and draw out the really fundamental points. Someone who clearly understand what they are speaking about and intelligently. Big Oil And Gas Versus Democracy Winner Take All In , The Words Earthquake Swarm Entered The Lexicon In Oklahoma That Same Year, A Trove Of Michael Jackson Memorabilia Including His Iconic Crystal Encrusted White Glove Was Sold At Auction For Over Million To A Guy Who Was, Officially, Just The Lowly Forestry Minister Of The Tiny Nation Of Equatorial Guinea And In , Ukrainian Revolutionaries Raided The Palace Of Their Ousted President And Found A Zoo Of Peacocks, Gilded Toilets, And A Floating Restaurant Modeled After A Spanish Galleon Unlikely As It Might Seem, There Is A Thread Connecting These Events, And Rachel Maddow Follows It To Its Crooked Source The Unimaginably Lucrative And Equally Corrupting Oil And Gas Industry With Her Trademark Black Humor, Maddow Takes Us On A Switchback Journey Around The Globe, Revealing The Greed And Incompetence Of Big Oil And Gas Along The Way, And Drawing A Surprising Conclusion About Why The Russian Government Hacked The US Election She Deftly Shows How Russia S Rich Reserves Of Crude Have, Paradoxically, Stunted Its Growth, Forcing Putin To Maintain His Power By Spreading Russia S Rot Into Its Rivals, Its Neighbors, The West S Most Important Alliances, And The United States Chevron, BP, And A Host Of Other Industry Players Get Their Star Turn, Most Notably ExxonMobil And The Deceptively Well Behaved Rex Tillerson The Oil And Gas Industry Has Weakened Democracies In Developed And Developing Countries, Fouled Oceans And Rivers, And Propped Up Authoritarian Thieves And Killers But Being Outraged At It Is, According To Maddow, Like Being Indignant When A Lion Takes Down And Eats A Gazelle You Can T Really Blame The Lion It S In Her NatureBlowout Is A Call To Contain The Lion To Stop Subsidizing The Wealthiest Businesses On Earth, To Fight For Transparency, And To Check The Influence Of The World S Most Destructive Industry And Its Enablers The Stakes Have Never Been Higher As Maddow Writes, Democracy Either Wins This One Or Disappears

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