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Untouchable Having not had much opportunity to read lately, I wanted to lose myself in as many books as possible on holiday After reading a book review on Rachel s Random Reads, my interest was piqued and I chose Untouchable as my first book, hoping it would have that essential hook that would make the book unputdownable It did Untouchable reeled me in completely This is a book with a difference, a storyline that simply has to be compelling an intelligent woman with a psychology degree and a career in But that would be a spoiler We learn later how Stella Grace s former career and her relationship with offenders leads her to choose a new career as a high class prostitute I knew what to expect from the review and was intrigued to see for myself how the sex element was handled I have to say it was handled brilliantly The scenes, though graphic in places, are communicated with a sense of detachment, necessarily, given that titillation isn t the aim of this book We see these scenes through Stella s eyes and this detachment only made Stella compelling as a character I was desperate to discover the circumstances that precipitated her fall into prostitution, why she would actually regard it as a suitable way to punish herself Desperate also to see how Stella would seek retribution from high ranking businessmen and government officials when a fellow escort is found dead The characters, both escort and client, are all believable people, the men not all portrayed as sexual perverts or losers The ending was just right Again, no spoilers It wasn t quite all tied up in a pretty pink bow, but there was hope For me, that was a perfect ending, perhaps leading to a new beginning for Stella If you want a read that is riveting, powerful and different, this is the book for you Well done Ava Marsh on tackling a subject that some would shy away from. An explosive erotic thriller for fans of MAESTRA and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Everyone needs to read this book Clare Mackintosh, author of I LET YOU GOIf you start feeling anything for a client and it does happen count the money That always brings you back down to earth Stella is an escort, immersed in a world of desire, betrayal and secrets It s exactly where she wants to be Stella used to be someone else respectable, loved, safe But one mistake changed all that When a fellow call girl is murdered, Stella has a choice forget what she s seen, or risk everything to get justice for her friend In her line of work, she s never far from the edge, but pursuing the truth could take her past the point of no returnNothing is off limits Not for her and not for themBut no one is truly untouchable

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