Comic Book Pressing and Cleaning: A How-To Guide Epub

Comic Book Pressing and Cleaning: A How-To Guide Learn how to press and clean comic books professionally or for yourself There is much speculation in the community as to how and what this process is, and this how to guide will show you the long kept secrets of the pros Gadbois lays out the entire process in a step by step easy to read format, materials list, and includes tips, tricks and a troubleshooting chapter with plenty of full color photographs throughout the book Also included is a special chapter on washing, a method that is gaining traction as an un restorative technique that can remove stains, tanning, foxing, and other defects long thought to be impossible without restoration These techniques can also be used on collectible Baseball cards, Magic, Pok mon Cards, and old documents.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Comic Book Pressing and Cleaning: A How-To Guide
  • Jacob Gadbois
  • 10 August 2017
  • 0578479729

5 thoughts on “Comic Book Pressing and Cleaning: A How-To Guide

  1. ebats.usLover ebats.usLover says:

    I bought this book to learn how to press my own comics When trying to ask for advice on how to do this on CGC CBCS forums I was told it was not allowed I m surprised at how restrictive some companies are with pressing techniques It was a relief to be able to find a book like this recently released At over 100 pages I feel that it is easy to understand and I used the advice in it to order all of the necessary equipment I need to begin comic pressing Will update my review in a couple weeks after I ve tested the techniques on some guinea pig comics.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    I was afraid this book was going to be too overloaded with obscure details regarding the subject matter Many authors technical experts get carried away in that department The scope of the lesson is perfectly understandable and it covers every question anyone might have regarding pressing and cleaning comic books for the first time It stands alone as the only how to guide for cleaning and pressing comics Considering it costs 15 dollars per comic book to press and clean while waiting months to get it back from the presser, it s a no brainer to learn how to increase your collections value yourself

  3. books are life books are life says:

    Wast of money All this info can be found for free No secrets here Very short book on a large topic, which much of is not covered here , or the author is unaware or not trained on I wish I could get my 9.99 back.

  4. JC JC says:

    This book IS SPECTACULAR The author does a marvelous job pointing out every detail in the pressing and cleaning process I especially appreciate the specific instructions on building a humidity chamber, pressing square bound comics, and pressing modern books with glossy pages.

  5. Richard Martinez Richard Martinez says:

    Over all the book is good Being that this is about pressing and cleaning comics the pictures shown as examples and for reference are lacking quality I was interested in washing and in the table of contents refers to 1.5% and on pg 46 talks to 3% guess I ll experiment 0 0 It brings another level of interest to comic book collecting.

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