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Photoshop Fine Art Effects Cookbook: 62 Easy-to-Follow Recipes for Creating the Classic Styles of Great Artists and Photographers (O'Reilly Digital Studio) The layout of the book is successful Clear, attractive and easy to follow Themed sections build well and inspire investigation Excellent. John Beardsworth is a bit misleading in saying his techniques will reproduce the effects of great artists In some, he comes close, such as in the Van Gogh sunflowers, but his fauve scene looks like washed out watercolor, and the others look like doctored photographs He is successful in reproducing the effects of great photographers, such as the darkroom work of Ansel Adams The best way to use the Fine Art Effects Cookbook is to ignore the results and concentrate on the step by step techniques, which he presents superbly, and use those for your own effects. Two stars, because it has a modicum of value but doesn t really manage to accomplish any whole goal It does demonstrate some Photoshop techniques And it does it by taking stabs at emulating fine art and old photographic methods But as a Photoshop text, it doesn t spend enough time on each technique to master it And it certainly doesn t demonstrate that Photoshop and selective shooting can produce a worthy representation in the spirit of the intended art method All but a very few of the results are rather embarrassing, being very crude attempts to do a photo digital version of fine art.I don t think any discerning person will buy into most of them I certainly wouldn t claim any of them.Perhaps part of that is because technique must carry out a vision, an image that exists within the artist It must have a purpose other than just to see if you can do it A limp clock does not a Dali make There is vastly to pointillism than painting in dots So get the book cheap Work through the methods You ll learn something about Photoshop, and what you learn will help you do something artistic IF you happen to be an artist The artist learns techniques to realize his vision Got a vision Okay Plan on tons of work to realize it No particular vision Develop some artistic sense before you worry about these methods. Like the others I ve read in this series, this book delivers just what it claims it will Using this book, you can follow step by well explained step changing the look of your photos into variations of the old pictorial styles but updated.Pictorial was a movement active starting about 120 years ago and lasting up to about the 1920 s although some still practice it today Frex, one may argue that Sally Mann is a pictorialist especially in her latest work using the wet plate processes Pictorialsm promoted that photography should imitate the look of fine art painters It was superseded or less by the photography as pure photography promoted most famously by Ansel Adams and today practiced by masters such as Clyde Butcher.Taking a photograph and converting it to look like an impressionistic painting may go against the grain of some pure photographers but it s not only fun, but it can leave you with a darn good image This book will give examples of how to convert a typical standard photo into one of over 60 fine art or pictorial styles It s a lot easier than trying to figure this stuff out on your own.The book does better on taking modern digital or digitized photos and converting into other photo styles than it does in fine art painters, but it succeeds in both areas giving the reader either a complete recipe or at worst, a good stepping off place.The book adds one valuable volume to this O Reilly series Well worth the purchase and a good reference read. The book is of very good quality, good examples of back quier techniques can be used in many fine art photographs in photoshop.However, in many cases the author does not explain very well, lacking a bit of teaching Not all users have the same level of knowledge on all subjects covered I am a teacher and I know what that is.Anyway it was a good buy, recommend. There are a lot of good ideas provided in this book for some very cool effects However, please know that many of the effects settings are very specific to the images they use in the examples Your results will vary greatly with your own photos so it will take quite a bit of tweaking. How Would You Like To Create Your Own Impressionist Landscape, A Van Gogh Still Life, Or A Surrealist Salvador Dali Dream World Or Perhaps A Classic Ansel Adams Photograph Of Yosemite Or An Authentic Looking Th Century Daguerrotype You Can Do All Of That And With Photoshop Fine Art Effects CookbookThe Book Tells You All You Need To Know To Turn Your Original Digital Photographs Into Images That Mimic The Styles Of Great Photographers And Painters From Advice On How To Develop An Eye For Appropriate Subject Matter To Detailed Recipes That Demonstrate Exactly How To Create An Original Van Gogh, Vermeer, Edward Weston, Or Andy Warhol Among Others , This Book Is An Authentic Guide To Understanding And Simulating The Work Of Great Artists And A Whole Lot Of FunAnalyzing The Styles Of Great Artists Format, Composition, Angles Of View, Color Palettes, And Image TexturesShooting For Digital Manipulation, Working Non Destructively, Making Your Own Brushes And PatternsCreating Daguerrotypes, Cyanotypes, Stop Motion Photographs, Cross Processed Images, Polaroid Transfers, And Infrared EffectsMimicking Photographic Styles From The Pre Raphaelites And The Naturalists To Jerry Uelsmann And David HockneyExploring Painting And Printmaking Techniques From Rembrandt To Warhol Dutch Portraits, Th Century Landscape Painting, Japanese Woodblocks, Impressionism, Pointillism, Fauvism, Art Nouveau, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, And Pop ArtPacked With Step By Step Instructions, An Inspirational Selection Of Full Colordigital Imagery, And Authoritative Information And Advice, Photoshop Fine ArtEffects Cookbook Is The Ultimate Guide To Creating Convincing Digital Masterpieces In The Styles Of Many Of The World S Greatest Artists

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Photoshop Fine Art Effects Cookbook: 62 Easy-to-Follow Recipes for Creating the Classic Styles of Great Artists and Photographers (O'Reilly Digital Studio) book, this is one of the most wanted John Beardsworth author readers around the world.