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Photoshop CS3 Photo Effects Cookbook: 53 Easy-to-Follow Recipes for Digital Photographers, Designers, and Artists This book is very visual, and it s very simple to follow the step by step instructions in this book Highly recommended, if you want to take your photoshop skills to the next level. Whether You Re Just Getting Getting Into Photoshop Or Have Been Using It For A While, You Know That It S A Many Faceted Application That Can Be Somewhat Overwhelming To Master With Easy To Follow Recipes, Photoshop CS Photo Effects Cookbook Shows You How To Use Photoshop CS To Simulate Classic Camera And Darkroom Techniques And Special Effects Without Making You First Learn Photoshop Inside And Out The Book Covers Using The Improved Vanishing Point, Lens Blur, And Black White FiltersCreating Graphic Art Effects Posterization, Watercolor, Pen And InkWorking With Lighting Effects Neon Glows, Lens Flares, Fire And Flame EffectsSimulating Natural Phenomena Rain, Snow, And LightningAdapting Traditional Techniques Film Grain, Contrast Masks, Hand Tinting, Cross ProcessingAdding Motion Blurs And Other Special EffectsAssembling Multi Layered Images And PhotomontagesPacked With Hundreds Of Full Color Images, Step By Step Instructions, And Many Practical Tips, This Book And Adobe Photoshop CS Are All You Need To Create Professional Graphic Art Effects From Almost Any Image Source There are a few useful recipes for recreating particular photographic styles, however, most of these wouldn t pass muster for even rapid comping purposes Use what you can, discard or ignore the rest. I found the title to be a little misleading Having read and owning several of Kelby group books I found Photo Effect Cookbook a repeat of those If you are into graphics using a photograph I am sure it is helpful More for that interest than the photographer interested in improving their images through Photoshop I ended up after a week returning the book to the vendor Not because it was bad, but because it wasn t what I wanted. I been using this book for several weeks now and found it contains a lot of things found in other books which is to be expected but it also has some new techniques and special effects that I found interesting I found this book very useful and would recommend it if your looking for special effects in using photoshop.

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