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The Art of Restoring Split Cane Fly Rods Not everyone should own or fish a split cane bamboo fly rod Some folks are just too addicted to high tech After all bamboo only offers a fly rod that warms the heart, bounces the summer sun in a thousand different directions and is uniquely in tune with the rhythms of the rivers, streams and lakes it touches Bamboo s unique characteristics made it one of the finest choices for the construction of fly rods Its flexibility, recoil and recovery and overall toughness were just the qualities that have traditionally been most appreciated in working fishing gear There s just nothing quite like a well made split cane rod for performance and feel And there s nothing like the satisfaction of bringing one of these classic rods back to life Hands on advice, tips and instructions for bringing that classic bamboo fly rod back to life From how bamboo rods are put together to repairing cracks, splits, broken ferrules, cork grip repair and replacement to the do s and don ts of windings

13 thoughts on “The Art of Restoring Split Cane Fly Rods

  1. Shegs Shegs says:

    Great little book at a nice price, well worth a read if you want to have a go at refurbing cane rods.

  2. M. J. Bayliss M. J. Bayliss says:


  3. Allan Stewart Allan Stewart says:

    After reading a few books on this subject, I was disappointed with this issue.Very small, thin, 69 page book, large print, not enough detail.Just my opinion.


    When you close the book after reading it, you think that s it At 3.50 you would close the book and forget about it.I think that split cane deserves a lot .

  5. fish 2 fish 2 says:

    very basic ,not very detailed, it could have gone through with a actual case study there was not a lot going for it

  6. M. Bernazzani M. Bernazzani says:

    More misspellings than a 2nd grade essay This is the fault of the publisher, though The author gives some good insight, but again, due to non existent poor editing, there is the same sentences, and sometimes same paragraphs repeated randomly, along with at least one typo on every other page making it very distracting Since I liked the subject matter I gave it 3 stars, but it really should be a one or two for overall quality If you are the author, feel free to get in touch with me, I ll edit for you.

  7. DouglasVT DouglasVT says:

    Do Not Buy This is basically a condensed, poorly edited and simplified version of the other great books on fly rod restoration Including some misleading information I learned nothing from this book and got disappointed every page I turned Get Michal Sinclair s Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook instead.

  8. F. Lucas F. Lucas says:

    Not as detailed as expected very generic, I knew most of it already

  9. craig e foldenauer craig e foldenauer says:

    Book was very complete and explicit Had everytjimg I needed to know and was concise and complete Book was priced moderately.

  10. Jvw Jvw says:

    very,, very, sparse in information and instruction Needs good pictures, not just some random pics from a catalogue that won t add any usefull information to the subject restoring a rod is one thing, but teaching how to do it is something completely different.

  11. George L George L says:

    Got a few good hints, so for me worth it.

  12. Mike Elvsaas Mike Elvsaas says:

    Good info on repair work.

  13. V.P.D. V.P.D. says:

    This book has lots of good advice to the collector or restorer of cane rods Most of this is in regards to rod survey and potential rod value There are some techniques for restoring but not a full compliment The full art of restoration was partially addressed, while the activity of analysis and research was fairly complete This book will really show its value by steering one toward a good value rod, or away from a clunker.

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