The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy An official guide to Peter Jackson s films provides inside information on all aspects of the trilogy from conceptual design through postproduction, in a volume complemented by cast and crew interviews Simultaneous , first printing

About the Author: Brian Sibley

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy book, this is one of the most wanted Brian Sibley author readers around the world.

14 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy

  1. Tinley Tinley says:

    Brian Sibley s book contains loads of behind the scenes information, anecdotes and pictures Rather than concentrating on minute technical details, Sibley writes in a conversational tone, bringing the stories of the women and men involved in the unique production challenges of Lord of the Rings to vivid life There are a few typos here and there, and with a publishing date of 2002 movies 2 and 3 had yet to be released, meaning Sibley was obviously prohibited from revealing too much of the latter instalments practically nothing on Gollum, the great cinematic wonder of the age, for example , but this is a nice accompaniment to the films and a great read for any LotR fans and fans of movie magic in general.

  2. cobriza cobriza says:

    Unfortunately this wasn t at all the exciting book I d hoped for It does contain some interesting stuff for example, that a good armour maker can be judged by how he makes armour for the lower leg, and that the model of Boromir s corpse was so lifelike that after a couple of hours somebody asked whether Sean needed a drink , but not nearly enough Far of it consists of a HUGE amount of personal waffle I always thought of art, admits Daniel, as just something I could do Richard has to dash off to a meeting, but Tania has arrived with a batch of invoices needing to be processed and lengthy, self indulgent and not very interesting rhetoric that made me start flipping pages to get to the next interesting bit It s written in a very padded out coffee table style We wander through Rivendell and Lothlorien sampling a Middle earth menu that includes with a lot of coy turns of phrase and plenty of exclamation marks Some of the photographs are interesting, but there are an awful lot of stock ones from the films and not nearly enough behind the scenes ones showing how the film was made which the book s title had led me to hope for I would have liked to read a very different book on this subject.

  3. A. L. Mcleod A. L. Mcleod says:

    This is the best book I have seen on the subject, lots of interviews and inside information on making the films It has a good balance of photograps drawings and text Brian Sibley is obviously a fab of Tolkein and these films and this really comes across Of particular interest to me is the behind the scenes work done by so many enthusiastic and talented artists who worked alongside Alan Lee and John Howe converting thier drawings into three dimensional pieces And of course the costumes Wow.

  4. Tarr Bence László Tarr Bence László says:

    This is a very interesting bookt to read if you like the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy than just a film It is a very enjoyable personal account of the biography of the films It describes how and by whom the film was made and what tremendous effort was brought into making these spectacular movies It s well illustrated, but much much than just a picture book It s well written and let s us gain a good insight int the backstage events that brought Lord of the rings into light.

  5. flobalob69 flobalob69 says:

    Brilliant book for any fan of the films, showing all the behind the scenes secrets

  6. K. L. Smith K. L. Smith says:

    Good book large size filled with LOTR facts and greatcphotos, good price in good condition, i accidentally clicked on next day delivery so the thing cost nearly 6 in postage, when the book was half that price.

  7. Joe Draghi Joe Draghi says:

    The item itself is in great condition and there s a lot of fascinating facts on legendary Lord of the Rings Trilogy, my friend will love this for his Christmas present Once again well done World of Books Ltd for a splendid service.

  8. Theia Theia says:

    Really fast delivery Good quality.

  9. Cliente Cliente says:

    Must have pe ri fan de Il Signore degli Anelli , illustra nel dettaglio i costumi, il trucco, gli effetti speciali utilizzati che si celano dietro la realizzazione dell omonimo kolossal.

  10. Plüschie Plüschie says:

    Selbst eingefleischt HdR Fans, die alle Extras auf der SEE gesehen haben, erfahren hier noch Neues Interessant und lohnend, mit vielen bis dato unbekannten Bildern Lediglich der Stil ist manchmal ein bisschen gew hnungsbed rftig, zwar gut und fl ssig zu lesen, aber ein bisschen viel said he laughingly klingt manchmal wie ein Artikelschreiber einer Fernsehillustrierten Alles in allem eine lohnenswerte Anschaffung

  11. Michel Michel says:

    En perfecto estado , gracias es una pasada tener tal joya en mi coleccion , llego antes de lo que esperaba

  12. Ethan Gillespie Ethan Gillespie says:

    Excellent Just as advertised

  13. Clar Clar says:

    livre abim et utilis , corn et tache de caf livraison dans les temps

  14. Balding Elvis Balding Elvis says:

    I have read all of the other books has offered so far regarding Peter Jackson s career, Richard Taylor s Weta Workshop, and have all of The Hobbit design weapons props costumes scenery and NZ locations companion books Daniel Falconer has created for the Warner Bros Entertainment publishing company.The author of this book, The Making of the Movie Trilogy The Lord of the Rings , Brian Sibley, is a familiar face from the many hours of bonus feature videos of expert interviews included in the home video releases of the six Wingnut Film productions of The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy What Mr Sibley has done in his own book is essentially to boil down the information into highly concentrated chapters That he has made it a personal story of his time in New Zealand prevents it from being a recitation of dry statistics, and by his good humor is willing to play himself up as the astonished gawker to prevent the surprises in the narrative from losing their dramatic capacity to surprise us all.At shy of 200 pages, it is still so dense complete with terrific production and workshop color photographs that I ve found myself re reading entire chapters rather than rush steadily to the end of the book The illusion that it is a much longer book than each of those referred to above, is as magic seeming as anything else the tale has to tell I AM ENJOYING THIS BOOK VERY MUCH.

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