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Swift in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Sams Teach Yourself -- Hours) In Just Lessons Of One Hour Or Less,Sams Teach Yourself Swift In Hourshelps You Build Next Generation OS X And IOS Apps With Apples New Swift Programming Language This Books Straightforward, Step By Step Approach Helps You Quickly Master Swifts Core Concepts, Structure, And Syntax And Use Swift To Write Safe, Powerful, Modern Code In Just A Few Hours Youll Be Applying Advanced Features Such As Extensions, Closures, Protocols, And Generics Every Lesson Builds On What Youve Already Learned, Giving You A Rock Solid Foundation For Real World Success Step By Step Instructions Carefully Walk You Through The Most Common Swift Development Tasks Practical, Hands On Examples Show You How To Apply What You Learn Quizzes And Exercises Help You Test Your Knowledge And Stretch Your Skills Notes And Tips Point Out Shortcuts And Solutions Learn How To Set Up Your Swift Development Environment Master Swifts Fundamental Data Types And Operators Make The Most Of Arrays And Dictionaries Control Program Flow, Modify Execution Paths, And Iterate Code Perform Complex Actions With Functions Work With Higher Order Functions And Closures Harness The Power Of Structs, Enums, Classes, And Class Inheritance Customize Initializers Of Classes, Structs, And Enums Implement Instance Methods, Type Methods, And Advanced Type Functionality Take Full Advantage Of Swifts Advanced Memory Allocation Extend Type Functionality With Protocols And Extensions Leverage The Power Of Generics, Chaining, And Other Advanced Features Interoperate With Objective C Code Interact With User Interfaces Take Advantage Of Swifts Standard Library Features And Functions Who Should Read This Book

About the Author: BJ Miller

BJ Miller is an iOS developer for a consultancy in the Cleveland, Ohio, area BJ earned his B.S in Computer Science from Baldwin Wallace College now called Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, the town where he grew up His latest career path encompasses large scale enterprise network administration, SQL database administration, and Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Project Server administration and integration as a contractor for the United States Department of Defense, with all the Microsoft certifications that come along with that Before that, he spent several years in LAN engineering, designing and implementing network infrastructure, as a Cisco Certified Network Associate BJ began iOS development in 2009 after not having programmed for a few years, and he developed a passion for the platform and the Objective C language Now, his love has expanded to include Swift, and there is still yet room in his heart for In 2013 he released his first app into the iOS App Store, called MyPrayerMap, as a simple tool for managing prayer requests When he is not writing in Objective C or Swift for either work or this book, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, reading, listening to music or podcasts, and playing The Legend of Zelda any game on any system will do He also co organizes the Cleveland CocoaHeads Meetup with Daniel Steinberg, and organizes a submeetup of that group called Paired Programming Fun, which is a casual meetup where the focus is on Test Driven Development TDD in Swift and Objective C in paired programming style BJ often presents iOS related topics at CocoaHeads and also speaks at other conferences such as CocoaConf Columbus, Ohio and CodeMash v2.0.1.5 He also blogs from time to time at and is on Twitter as bjmillerltd

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