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Who's #1?: The Science of Rating and Ranking Here s a book for all those interested in ranking football teams Written by two American mathematics professors, the book uses American football to explain various ranking methods The methods can easily be adapted to any other sport that lends itself to rankings.Methodolgies include Massey s, Colley s and Keener s methods You will need to know matrix maths but that shouldn t be a problem.Elo s chess ranking system is given a chapter and its application to team sports Then probabalistic models are covered with the Markov method Other chapters cover reordering methods, point spreads, weighted rankings and rank aggregation.There is plenty to keep you busy with ranking sports teams but as mentioned early on, each method has its merit but no method is foolproof Arrow s Impossibility Theorem is given and states that no ranking method is perfect. A Website S Ranking On Google Can Spell The Difference Between Success And Failure For A New Business NCAA Football Ratings Determine Which Schools Get To Play For The Big Money In Postseason Bowl Games Product Ratings Influence Everything From The Clothes We Wear To The Movies We Select On Netflix Ratings And Rankings Are Everywhere, But How Exactly Do They Work Who S Offers An Engaging And Accessible Account Of How Scientific Rating And Ranking Methods Are Created And Applied To A Variety Of Uses Amy Langville And Carl Meyer Provide The First Comprehensive Overview Of The Mathematical Algorithms And Methods Used To Rate And Rank Sports Teams, Political Candidates, Products, Web Pages, And In A Series Of Interesting Asides, Langville And Meyer Provide Fascinating Insights Into The Ingenious Contributions Of Many Of The Field S Pioneers They Survey And Compare The Different Methods Employed Today, Showing Why Their Strengths And Weaknesses Depend On The Underlying Goal, And Explaining Why And When A Given Method Should Be Considered Langville And Meyer Also Describe What Can And Can T Be Expected From The Most Widely Used Systems The Science Of Rating And Ranking Touches Virtually Every Facet Of Our Lives, And Now You Don T Need To Be An Expert To Understand How It Really Works Who S Is The Definitive Introduction To The Subject It Features Easy To Understand Examples And Interesting Trivia And Historical Facts, And Much Of The Required Mathematics Is Included Very needed book in rating driven world Clear enough to understand and well written I would love to see 2nd part coming out because I believe there is a lot of room still to cover on this matter.Despite 5 star rating I think some explanations could ve been simplified in step by step manner I wouldn t mind if this book had 500 pages Another thing which I think was lacking is coverage of continuous rating system in which there s a constant influx of new unrated teams in sports like Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton or E sports All ratings described in this book do well on closed leagues where teams play against each other in round robin fashion That s quite easy task to do, but how would they behave with unranked teams I also don t like the fact that each book on ratings and sport analysis focuses so much on boring American sports such as Baseball or NFL.Dear Amy, there are far interesting sports to analyse It would be very interesting to read about rating in Alpine Skiing, Handball or Volleyball Great resource for all things ranking, with a skew towards American sports I reference book that is readable, but certainly one that can be dipped in and out of. Some very useful techniques if you use ratings for your sports betting The examples to get complex mathematically as the book progresses.

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