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10 thoughts on “Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad

  1. Ms Review Ms Review says:

    Had to return item as it was NOT illustrated.When clicking on Look Inside you will see this message This view is of the Paperback edition 2000 from Frances Lincoln Children s Books The Library Binding edition 2005 from Turtleback Books that you originally viewed is the one you ll receive if you click the Add to Basket button on the left Nowhere in the description are you told that the version you receive will not be illustrated.I received a credit note as a refund which I happened to delete as I thought it was junk mail.

  2. Christine O' Donovan Christine O' Donovan says:

    I ordered it on a Friday and it arrived on the Monday It would make a lovely present for adults and children It is beautifully illustrated I have to hear from the recipient, but I am sure it was liked a lot.

  3. K A Wraight K A Wraight says:

    This is such a beautifully illustrated well written edition.

  4. The Father of the Bride The Father of the Bride says:

    Really well written and great for children to read themselves Nice illustrations as well.

  5. Mrs T Mrs T says:

    My son borrowed this book from his teacher because he loved the drawings I must admit I was impressed with the book too so decided we needed to have our own copy

  6. Mr. A. I. Harrison Mr. A. I. Harrison says:

    I had several reasons to read this book Firstly I owned a copy, secondly Rosemary Sutcliff is a legend but mainly because as someone who reads lots of Hellenic period historical fiction I thought it was about time I knew what the Iliad was all about as it is constantly made reference to.Yes I knew about the Trojan horse and Achilles heel and Helen and the thousand ships but that was pretty much it This book puts into plain easy read english all the stories that make up the Iliad Cunning Odysseus, sulky Achilles, heroic Hector, vain and spoiled Paris, vengeful Menelaus and the terrible Agamemnon all here being moved about the world like a giant chess set by the meddling Gods.You can make a pretty good case that the Iliad is the most influencial piece of literature of all time and I am slightly ashamed to have gone so long without taking the time to make myself familiar with it If you like me you want to do the same you will not find an easier way of doing it than reading this book I m sure.The style is plain and matter of fact so perhaps it does not really draw you in emotionally and is told saga style so there is no dwelling on motives, consequence or sentimentality It put me a bit in mind of another sadly past master Poul Anderson who wrote in a similar style though his books were very much for an adult market.There is not much I can add to that really a childrens classic and I shall hang on to my copy in the hope I become a grandad on day.

  7. Asmodeous Asmodeous says:

    Rosemary Sutcliffe is an author that I was unfamiliar with until quite recently Having now read a number of her books I feel I have discovered one of the very best authors I could hope to read Accessible to both children and adults this book is in my view the best modern version of the Siege of Troy Accessible,easy to read,exciting and intelligentlly written In parts reminiscent of the Illiad itself but covering what I would call the whole story from start to finish An excellent introduction to the classic Greek story but than that, a wonderful read in its own right I look forward to reading of her work Those into audio books have a treat in store if they purchase the audio book Beautifully read.

  8. Prime Mover Prime Mover says:

    My 7 year old loves this book I read him a chapter every evening Rosemary Sutcliffe s language is so beautiful its a pleasure to read it to him The illustrations match the mystery of the story.This book led us on to the Odyssey The Wanderings of Odysseus and the Aeneid In search of a Homeland by the same publishers But this is the favourite We re now on our second reading I daresay not the last.

  9. Gaurav Gaurav says:

    Good book fast shipping

  10. tomomori tomomori says:

    Ajax Aeneid etc P150 P150

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Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad Frances Lincoln is proud to reintroduce Rosemary Sutcliff s Black Ships Before Troy, now in an exciting new format Here is Homer s epic poem The Iliad, brought to life by Rosemary Sutcliff with all the skill of a master storyteller Alan Lee s dramatic cover image hauntingly recreates the age of heroes in this spellbinding introduction to the Greek classics a book that should become part of every childhood