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Reason 2: Propellerhead Software (Quick Start) DescriptionReason Is Than A Software Program It S A Complete Electronic Music Studio That Lets You Make Anything From Soft Ambient To Hardcore Dance Music This Book, Along With The Companion CD Rom Of Examples, Video Tutorials And Demos, Helps You Get Started On The World S Most Popular Virtual Studio Program CD Rom Includes A Trial Version Of Reason , Tutorials, Examples And Free Drum Loops

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    Disappointingly slim overview of Reason which adds little to the manual that comes with the software Since the manual isn t printed out comes in.pdf format I assume that this is aimed at people who hate Acrobat.Supplied CD contains little of interest either Reason is pretty intui

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    Exercises can be followed easily using text and supplied cd rom Demo version of Reason only lasts 20 minutes before you need to start up the program again but each exercise can be completed well within this time This tutorial can be used as a grounding before learning advanced techniques

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    I am new to making music on my pc, or any other medium for that matter But I was very excited about reason 2.5 and so I decided to buy it and have a go.My initial excitment soon faded into confusion and frustration.So I bought Power Tools for Reason 2.5 A great book I m sure But it was way too advan

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    After having purchased reason 2.5 only a month ago when it came out, I have learnt a great deal through use of this book I have previously used reason 2.0 which is also brilliant but reason 2.5 which has many added features combined with this book is any person interested in music s dream The guide showed me

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