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Cubase SX (Quick Start) (Wizoo Quick Start) No Quick Start Read A Customer Review Or Write One

7 thoughts on “Cubase SX (Quick Start) (Wizoo Quick Start)

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    Great product

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    Not a bad starter book, but for me it doesn t quite fulfill the ethos of a quick start book Cubase is complex, extremely complex so writing and putting together a quick start book is really a non starter Each person who uses Cubase generally has some sort of understanding of the software, otherwise they wouldn t fork out such a large wad of their hard earne

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    I got this book after reading the reviews for it here I often find programme help manuals can be technical very quickly and I wanted something that would give me information to help me trouble shoot etc for all those times I ve had no sound and been unable to figure out why However as a beginner with cubase this book was too basic and I d only reccomend it i

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    I must admit I found this book absolutely useless Having got Cubase SX, knowing about MIDI and music tech, I did the tutorials in the Cubase Getting Started guide, then got this book To be honest there is not a lot in this book that you would not learn from the Getting Started tutorials HOWEVER, you will find this book excellent if 1 You don t own Cubase and

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    This is a good book to get you started if you know next to nothing about Cubase Not in depth, but it s clear and concise and you can learn how to do the basics, which is what I wanted it for.

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    This book is everything you need to getting cracking in Cubase SX I knew nothing about Cubase when I started, and now I m on my 4th album and working with Elvis, U2, and Alanis Morrisette Not really, but you get the idea It s all you need to get going.

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