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You Have Been Warned!: A Complete Guide to the Road This Guide To The Road, Originally Published In Britain In , Is A Compilation Of Humorous Advice For Perplexed Motorists It Contains Perennially Useful Tips On Such Topics As Hand Signals For Drivers From I Am Going To Shake The Ash Off My Cigarette To I Am Frightfully Fond Of Horses And The Road User S Statute Of Liberty And Magna Carta Of The Road The Highway Code A Section On Motor Tours Relates The Pitfalls Of Map Reading And Choosing A Hotel, And Sample Driving Test Questions Are Given Q Describe The Difference Between Roads Made By The Romans And Those Constructed Nowadays A The Roads Made By The Romans Have Lasted Until The Present Time Illustrated Throughout With Than Witty Line Drawings By Fougasse, The Cartoonist Best Known For His Contributions To Punch Magazine, This Charming Book Is A Reminder Of A Time When Driving Was A Relative Novelty And Was Attended With A Sense Of Excitement It Is Now Brought Back To Life For Modern Readers And Would Be An Ideal Gift For Learner Drivers Or The Average Motorist Who, Contrary To The General Belief, Does Not Go About The Country Intentionally Causing Disaster

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    This brought back memories We had a copy in my family when I was a boy and there were also Fougasse cartoons in Punch Also there were AA Guides which gave hotel classifications, garages town populations and details of market days and early closing As for drivi

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    This is a book that I first read in the 1940s and I had hoped to get a copy in order to relive the enjoyment of motoring in that era when hand signals were the norm and the AA produced a free hardback every year detailing hotels, garages, and early closing days for each

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    This book was written in the late 40s early 50s and is a wry look at the perils of motoring despite the age of the book it is amazing how many of the observations are true today A couple of recurrent themes run through the book, the cartoons dotted through the chapters show some

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    A very funny book.I started it and could not put it down.

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    A marvellous read

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    Bought as a little thank you gift for a classic car fan Great fun, good value at under a tenner.

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    Hard to believe it was written in 1935 many thanks to the British Museum for re printing it A very humorous look on motoring.

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    Great to see that this has been reprinted for a whole new generation to enjoy My dad had the original 1930s edition and we both loved it and he didn t even drive Some things have changed, many haven t especially human nature

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