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Good To Great Incredibly valuable and easy to read piece of work A stunningly enlightening study of winners and losersAs Exec Chairman of a pan European SME, the easy read of this book has refuelled my determination to try and get it right Unfortunately, bad companies managed by Rambo like individuals remain the norm on this side of the pond Still very refreshing read about what works and what doesn t Blew my mind an literally changed the way I m running my business It s so well researched and well written that every leader should read this book. Spectacularly good Unlike many books of this type, this isn t just one person s opinion The book opens with a discussion of the research methodology 10 person years of it underlying the book That alone makes it worth a dozen airport departure lounge management books.It was also an easy listen I had it on CD, listened to much of it 3 hours straight on a long car journey and wished I had a few miles to go However I gave it four stars rather than five because it tended to veer off into excessive use of analogies metaphors three circles, hedgehog concepts and the rest which for me made it harder to get at the detail, and difficult to judge the strength of the evidence, than an unvarnished description of what they found.Definitely, definitely read it if you are involved with management and if you don t have time to read it all, read the first three chapters I read this book with great interest as it s selection criteria for the finally selected 11 companies was strict and the author does not withold any information on the selection process either The end of the book lists its selection criteria, complete with a comprehensive FAQ section.The final selection consists of 11 good to great companies Selected from 1435 Fortune 500 companies and 17 comparison companies that could not qualify The primary selection process consisted of baselining the good to great companies at three times the market for fifteen years including 15 years of good performance 1.25 time the general stock market preceding the transition while the company had to be an established, on going company, not a startup.Pretty strict criteria that has led to some eye opening findings Most of the findings can be browsed by reading the reviews on the.co.uk and.com sites.A MUST READ BOOK for all aspiring and current leaders. A scientific approach to what makes companies actually great I went through it fast, it s easy to read and well displayed data Recommendation Lot of take home goodies in this prequel to the equally excellent built to last Inspired me to push that bit harder and use guile in my business instead of just plain hard work Then the guile helped turn the hard work into results.Glad I read it. Thought provoking, challenging, inspirational VERY well researched rationale behind those US businesses that have consistently outperformed the markets and their peers Dispels many myths about what makes companies truly great Explains clearly what the common distinguishing features are to success and goes a long way to getting across why those features are so important As a business coach, when I give this to my clients I just know they ll come away from listening to this having been inspired and motivated It s also easy to listen to Jim Collins, he makes even the research sections truly come alive. Can A Good Company Become A Great One If So, How After A Five Year Research Project, Jim Collins Concludes That Good To Great Can And Does Happen In This Book, He Uncovers The Underlying Variables That Enable Any Type Of Organisation To Make The Leap From Good To Great While Other Organisations Remain Only Good Rigorously Supported By Evidence, His Findings Are Surprising At Times Even Shocking To The Modern Mind Good To Great Achieves A Rare Distinction A Management Book Full Of Vital Ideas That Reads As Well As A Fast Paced Novel It Is Widely Regarded As One Of The Most Important Business Books Ever Written

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