John Pawson : Anatomy of Minimum PDF/EPUB Ã : Anatomy

John Pawson : Anatomy of Minimum In Anatomy of Minimum, ten of John Pawson s most regent architectural commissions, together with a series of design projects, are anatomized to discover the essential elements that make his work so special Author Alison Morris examines his unique approach to light and proportion, his precise language of windows, doors and walls, and reveals the atmosphere and sense of place A diverse range of projects is examined private houses, including Passer s own home in Gloucestershire a Benedictine archabbey in Hungary London s Design Museum a historic Tel Aviv convent and hospital transformed into the Jaffa Hotel and a gallery in a former World War II telecommunications bunker, as well as designs for homeware and a ballet productionA powerful new monograph showcasing the defining elements and architectural anatomy at the very heart of Pawson s work This monograph, the latest volume in Phaidon s documentation of John Pawson s stellar career, hones in on the essential details that mark his distinctive architectural and aesthetic style It groups a selection of his recent works into domestic projects, including his own house in rural England extended sacred spaces and repurposed structures, such as London s Design Museum Throughout its pages, this book explores Pawson s unique approach to proportion and light and his precise language of windows, doors, and walls

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