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Tilings and Patterns: An Introduction Amazing source and reference This book is a magnificent achievement.I just want to gush about this book, but that won t do you any good It is the very best in its field Just start there.Grunwald and Shepard have put together the definitive book on ways to tile the two dimensional plane Tiling means covering the 2D universe with interlocking figures, so that no gap remains Bathroom tiles do that, and patterns of brick on walls, and all of those wonderful geometries that the Muslim artists raised to their god in place of graven images.That can not be enough for the very strongest of creative minds The authors show the Penrose tiles , that cover the world without ever repeating Penrose used a five way plan, which barely meets the needs of the world s symmetries Amman used a four way plan, like floor tiles, but created tiles that forever create new patterns The pattern fills the world, but never repeats except in detail And then, there are the spiral tiles perfectly regular, and different at every scale.The artist will savor the richness of the plane A mathematician will sink deeply into the many symmetries that turn THIS point into all points, or no other, or some, or all of the above The student will struggle through the problems at the end of each chapter Thoughtful readers will simply find themselves wandering away from every page, where some seed of thought blossoms in your mind.I can not imagine how this could have gone out of print I really can t This book is the only one that covers its topic in every way Depending on who you are, you must have it wiredweird I have to add another gushing review to this remarkable book As an artist and designer it s so rare to come across a life changing work rich in text and illustrations This is one of those books I came across this gem while reading through PDF s written by teacher Craig Kaplan on his web site Kaplan s work has been built on the shoulders of these giants, Branko and Grunbaum I just wish I had the chance to have studied under them during Kaplan and Grunbaum s period on staff at the UW Look for deals on the used hardcover edition It s totally worth investigation. Great book This fantastic book is now finally back in print after many delays The second edition Dover is unabridged and contains a section at the end with many updates on new developments since the publication of the first edition There is one unfortunate omission the 14th and 15th types of convex pentagons that tile the plane monohedreally are not mentioned Also, the paper by Henle and Henle on squaring the plane is referenced but it is not made clear that it solves the longstanding problem of tiling the plane with exactly one copy of each nxn square But the book covers such a vast territory that Grunbaum cannot be blamed for missing some references This book is still the best single volume on the topic and is an indispensable reference for any researcher in the field, as well as a beautiful book to browse and dip into for enjoyment. RemarkableIt Will Surely Remain The Unique Reference In This Area For Many Years To Come Roger Penrose , Nature An Outstanding Achievement In Mathematical Education Bulletin Of The London Mathematical Society I Am Enormously ImpressedWill Be The Definitive Reference On Tiling Theory For Many Decades Not Only Does The Book Bring Together Older Results That Have Not Been Brought Together Before, But It Contains A Wealth Of New MaterialI Know Of No Comparable Book Martin Gardner

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tilings and Patterns: An Introduction book, this is one of the most wanted Branko Grunbaum author readers around the world.

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