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How It Works: The Mum (Ladybirds for Grown-Ups) The Perfect Gift For Mum This Mother S Day Would Be To Let Her Take The Day Off While You Do Everything For Her Why Not Get Her This Book Instead This Is Mum A Mum Has Two Very Important Jobs To Do One Is To Look After Her Children The Other Is To Do Everything Else As WellNow Lyndsay S Little Boy Is At Nursery, She Is Looking For A Job At This Interview, The Lady Asks Lyndsay All Sorts Of Questions, Which Lyndsay Has Trouble Answering Because She Has The Octonauts Theme Going Round Her Head Lyndsay Hopes She Is Not Singing Out Loud This Delightful Book Is The Latest In The Series Of Ladybird Books Which Have Been Specially Planned To Help Grown Ups With The World About Them The Large Clear Script, The Careful Choice Of Words, The Frequent Repetition And The Thoughtful Matching Of Text With Pictures All Enable Grown Ups To Think They Have Taught Themselves To Cope Featuring Original Ladybird Artwork Alongside Brilliantly Funny, Brand New Text Hilarious Stylist

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    This is a wonderful book Originally bought it for my daughter who has just had a baby But when I read it ok, so you re not supposed to read books before giving them as presents I found it so funny but it was aimed at being a mum from baby to teen older so gave it my mum instead Yes, she loved it I defy anyone who has had a child not to laugh identify

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    Funny enough to get a giggle and not sarcastic enough to get a slap for giving it as a gift.Just the ticket

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    Gave my mum a chuckle, but the value of this book and others in the same series is 90% nostalgia and 10% actual quality of the book Oh, I remember Ladybird books from when I was a kid Look, this one is cynical and sarcastic, just like me

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    These are great and worth a read but have to say read a previous review where they said they had written a little note in each page I did this for my mum as every page reminded me of some special moment and it is definitely one of her favourite presents for years as became very personal.

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    The quality of the book is good, having a retro feel and look to it like the classic ladybird books.The pictures and supporting descriptions and tongue in cheek humour and was fun to read.

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    Brought for my friend who found it very funny I thought it was funny too even though I have no children.

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    Very amusing and right on point for the modern mum I edited my version with a sharpie to make it even personalised for my mum by adding in personal anecdotes and gifted for mothers day Mum was most amused

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    Great mothers day present, has a witty humor that most mum s would like Don t see what the problem people are having with it, isn t sexist at all.

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