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The Ladybird Book of the Meeting (Ladybirds for Grown-Ups) Xmas pressie for husband Found the dog ladybird book very funny , so hope he enjoys this book too 06 02 19 yep it made him laugh, choked with laughter most of the way through Read it on Christmas day Took it to work , proved popular with management. THE PERFECT GIFT For That Colleague Who Loves To Catch Up, Brainstorm, Or Touch Base People At Work Spend A Lot Of The Day In MeetingsMeetings Are Important Because They Give Everyone A Chance To Talk About WorkWhich Is Easier Than Doing It Rudd Attends Meetings Remotely From His Home OfficeHe Has Three Telephones, Two Swiss Desk Intercoms, A Fax Machine And A Wall Mounted ThereminSometimes Nobody Speaks To Him For Days This Delightful Book Is The Latest In The Series Of Ladybird Books Which Have Been Specially Planned To Help Grown Ups With The World About Them The Large Clear Script, The Careful Choice Of Words, The Frequent Repetition And The Thoughtful Matching Of Text With Pictures All Enable Grown Ups To Think They Have Taught Themselves To Cope Featuring Original Ladybird Artwork Alongside Brilliantly Funny, Brand New Text Hilarious StylistOther Titles Include How It Works The Brother How It Works The Sister The Ladybird Book Of The Ex The Ladybird Book Of The Nerd The Ladybird Book Of The New You The Ladybird Book Of Balls The Ladybird Book Of The Big Night Out The Ladybird Book Of The Quiet Night In People At Work The Rock Star How It Works The Husband How It Works The Wife How It Works The Mum How It Works The Dad The Ladybird Book Of The Mid Life Crisis The Ladybird Book Of The Hangover The Ladybird Book Of Mindfulness The Ladybird Book Of The Shed The Ladybird Book Of Dating The Ladybird Book Of The Hipster How It Works The Student How It Works The Cat How It Works The Dog How It Works The Grandparent The Ladybird Book Of Red Tape The Ladybird Book Of The People Next Door The Ladybird Book Of The Sickie The Ladybird Book Of The Zombie Apocalypse The Ladybird Book Of The Do Gooder This is hilarious Bought for a lovely friend and colleague when I left a post , to remember all of our meetings you will find your self laughing at all of the similarities to the meetings you have attended over the years Very entertaining full of scenes that we all recognise from work and spend our lives there whingeing about It s fun to see work so accurately satirised and I love the subversion of the illustrations Love these books bought this one last year as a stocking filler so when I had to buy a secret Santa for work I knew I had to get another especially as we were having a meeting where secret Santa giving was one of the agenda points For those that are subject to endless meetings about meetings for the sake of having meetings, you will find something to laugh about in this book.Recommended Bought for a friend who is a manager in Local Government He was in tears of laughter As you d expect from the Adult Ladybird Series it takes the mickey in a lovely gentle way I think some of the pages may well be finding their way onto the walls of meeting rooms up and down the country If it stops all the wasted hours in meetings all to the good This was not that good compared to some of the others but I do like the pictures Still worth a read and the book was in good condition.

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