You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to

You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less Learn to draw indays with public televisions favorite drawing teacherDrawing is an acquired skill, not a talent anyone can learn to draw All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and the willingness to tap into your hidden artistic abilities You Can Draw inDays will teach you the rest With Emmy awardwinning, longtime PBS host Mark Kistler as your guide, youll learn the secrets of sophisticated three dimensional renderings, and have fun along the way Inside youll find Quick and easy step by step instructions for drawing everything from simple spheres to apples, trees, buildings, and the human hand and faceMore thanline drawings, illustrating each stepTime tested tips, techniques, and tutorials for drawing inDTheFundamental Laws of Drawing to create the illusion of depth in any drawing student examples to help gauge your own progressIn justminutes a day for a month, you can learn to draw anything, whether from the world around you or from your own imagination Its time to embark on your creative journey Pick up your pencil and begin today

About the Author: Mark Kistler

Over the past sixteen years Mark Kistler has taught millions of children how to draw in 3 D at over five thousand elementary school assembly workshops around the world, including Australia, Germany, England, Scotland, Mexico, and the United States His starring roles as Commander Mark and Captain Mark in the hit children s public television series The Secret City, The Draw Squad, and The New Secret City Adventures, have been viewed in eighteen countries with over forty million viewers His most recent self produced public television series, Mark Kistler s Imagination Station, is currently airing on nearly one hundred PBS stations nationwide Mr Kistler has written and illustrated many popular children s drawing books, including Learn to Draw with Commander Mark and Mark Kistler s Draw Squad As a result of his television series and drawing books, Mark Kistler has generated over one million letters containing 3 D drawings from children around the world Mark deeply believes that learning how to draw in 3 D builds a child s critical thinking skills while nourishing self esteem His positive messages on self image, goal setting, dream questing, environmental awareness, and the power of reading have inspired millions of children to discover their awesome individual potential When Mark is not waiting for connecting flights at airports, he enjoys sailing his Catalina sloop in the blue Pacific waters off the coast of sunny southern California Mark lives in Carlsbad, California.

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