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Pure (Anne Geddes) Anne Geddes s technically and aesthetically exquisite photographs are imbued with grace and hope Library JournalNow Anne Geddes s critically acclaimed Pure is available in a new sizeSimilar in scale to the reissues of Anne Geddes Down in the Garden and Until Now, Pure is now available in three formats the original hard and soft cover editions and this elegantly giftablextrim size Four years in the making, Anne Geddes Pure offers breathtaking images that intimately evoke the wonder of the first precious days and weeks of life With eyes tightly shut, in wrinkly new skin, and unaffected by the world around them, newborns are captured in their purest form as Geddes explains, to emphasize the fact that they are vulnerable, fragile, and very precious human beings Real women in the full bloom of pregnancy radiate serenity and promise Mothers enfold babies in their arms highlighting the beautiful bond between them and revealing our shared humanity

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