Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football

Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football The Netherlands has been one of the world s most distinctive and sophisticated football cultures From the birth of Total Football in the sixties, through two decades of World Cup near misses to the exiles who remade clubs like AC Milan, Barcelona, Arsenal and Chelsea in their own image, the Dutch have often been dazzlingly original and influential The elements of their style exquisite skills, adventurous attacking tactics, a unique blend of individual creativity and teamwork, weird patterns of self destruction reflect and embody the country s culture and history This book lays bare the elegant, fractured soul of the Dutch Masters and the culture that spawned them by exploring and analysing its key ideas, institutions, personalities and history in the context of wider Dutch society

8 thoughts on “Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football

  1. Angus Brodie Angus Brodie says:

    Brilliant book Links different aspects of Dutch culture and history together to explain why they play such a unique style of football Even if you don t love football the book is still worth a read, fascinating insights into Dutch art, politics and architecture which I really enjoyed.

  2. Lucas Lucas says:

    As a Dutchman, some aspects of this book really hit home A great discussion of Dutch football and the influenced of Dutch society on Dutch football and vice versa

  3. Dave A Dave A says:

    I ve been a lifelong fan of the dutch game as it was 1994 95 ajax that introduced me to an entertaining flowing beautiful approach after having been turned off by the plodding mindless english game as a child.Naturally this book appealed to me and i snatched it off of the library shelf.Having read it i think it is quintessentially dutch in flavor and provides great insights into dutch mentality,religion lifestyle and inevitably how that all flavors their football.a great read, from the non sequential chapter numbers to the wonder insights..a must have for any fan of things oranje

  4. Mark Burnett Mark Burnett says:

    Excellent unusual soccer concerning possibly the greatest team of all time Wonderful.

  5. Agisilaos Meremetis Agisilaos Meremetis says:

    It was as described.

  6. Stephen Craik Stephen Craik says:

    Enjoyable.I have now read books about German,Spanish, Italian Dutch football Unlike some of the other books I have mentioned, this one is a tale of Dutch football events , rather than some kind of chronological order of happenings.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    One of the best football books I have ever read Also a great insight to Dutch mentality and not only in football terms.

  8. Mr. A. Bond Mr. A. Bond says:

    Very interesting book, developed a severe fear of flying like Bergkamp after finding out about Malaysian airlines crash while in air over South China Sea This took my mind off a fiery death for a few hours Much better than Paul Gascoignes autobiography

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