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Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street Absolutely great read If this hasn t been made into a film, it should be Wall Street 3, Boiler Room 2 perhaps.You don t need to be a genius at understanding financial markets and terminology to read this either All very well written, well explained and easy to understand It demonstrates the difference between illegal and immoral if you take a few moments to consider what you are reading and how some big headline cases have actually resulted in zero prosecutions The burden of proof is high as is the fear of failure due to the risk associated with failed prosecutions. Easy to read, thriller which offers fantastic insight to a band of opaque hedge funds and how they operate The book shows up the archaic US legal system, the blurriness between right and wrong in the eyes of law and how those with enough resources can get ahead around the legal order.It also offers some insight into US law enforcement agencies rivalries, and how they prepare for cases right from plea deals, to strategies around opening the grab and closing arguments.Overall, well researched, well written, and well worth reading. Another classic example of an article stretched to a book While the diligence of reporting and developing a clear timeline and narrative for a complex subject was successful, I didn t care for the pseudo thriller embellishments.Having said that, I finished the book, which I rarely manage these days, so I did enjoy it. Wasn t too sure what insider trading was before, could it really be so simple of obtaining insider information on a company and trading on that info, well it is Not only that but the trading was so large they could influence the market price and became so big even the banks wanted their business This exposes the simplicity of trading and how anyone who makes money over long periods must be aware of insider information It also explains how difficult a crime it is to pursue in the courts because of the level of evidence that is needed to convince a court. This is a great read and a real page turneror screen swipe in this case How the financial industry keep getting away with financial crimes I will never know A small fine or couple of weeks revenue and on they go about their business Nothing changes their behaviour and nothing probably ever will Sad to see how the industry is going and only is going to get worse Great book though and well written A great read, from start to finish Steve Cohen is believed to be whom the fictional character Bobby Axelrod is based in the network series Billions What s scary is that the excesses you watch on the screen are tame compared to the real life SAC capital Kolhatkar takes you through the complicated world of hedge funds and insider trading in an easy to follow, readable way and the result is a footnote on financial hubris that is as enjoyable to read as a John Grisham novel. The writing and research put into this book is fantastic The author has clearly spent years of their life digging into the nuances of the characters lives, providing a compelling and interesting read into the hedge fund industry.A brief prior understanding of financial markets is probably required to fully appreciate the book but I loved it. Nominated For The FT McKinsey Business Book Of The YearNominated For The Carnegie Medal For Excellence In Nonfiction Top Business Books Of A Prodigious Feat Of Reporting Malcolm Gladwell Black Edge Has The Grip Of A Thriller Everyone Should Read This Book David Grann, New York Times Bestselling Author Of THE LOST CITY OF Z How Do Super Rich Bankers Get Away With It There Is A Powerful New Class Of Billionaire Financiers In The World, Who Use Their Phenomenal Wealth To Write Their Own Rules And Laws Chief Among Them Is Steven Cohen, A Wall Street Legend, And The Basis For Damian Lewis S Character In BILLIONS, Who Built His Hedge Fund Into A Billion Empire On The Basis Of Wizard Like Stock Trading, And Who Flies To Work By Helicopter And Owns One Of The Largest Private Art Collections In The World But His Iconic Status Was Shattered When His Fund Became The Target Of A Sprawling FBI Investigation Into Insider Trading, Charged With Using Illegal Inside Information Or Black Edge To Beat The Market His Firm, SAC Capital, Was Ultimately Indicted And Pled Guilty To Charges Of Securities And Wire Fraud, And Paid Record Criminal And Civil Fines Of Nearly Billion But Even As The Company Bearing His Name Pled Guilty, Cohen Himself Was Never Charged, And Is Free To Start Trading Publicly Again From January Black Edge Offers A Revelatory Look At The Grey Zone In Which So Much Of Wall Street Functions, And A Window Into The Transformation Of The Worldwide Economy With Meticulous Reporting And Powerful Storytelling, This Is A Riveting, True Life Legal Thriller That Takes Readers Inside The US Government S Pursuit Of Cohen And His Employees, And Raises Urgent Questions About The Power And Wealth Of Those Who Sit At The Pinnacle Of The Financial World

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