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Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future WHAT VALUABLE COMPANY IS NOBODY BUILDING The Next Bill Gates Will Not Build An Operating System The Next Larry Page Or Sergey Brin Won T Make A Search Engine If You Are Copying These Guys, You Aren T Learning From Them It S Easier To Copy A Model Than To Make Something New Doing What We Already Know How To Do Takes The World From To N, Adding Of Something Familiar Every New Creation Goes From To This Book Is About How To Get There Peter Thiel Has Built Multiple Breakthrough Companies, And Zero To One Shows How ELON MUSK, CEO Of SpaceX And Tesla This Book Delivers Completely New And Refreshing Ideas On How To Create Value In The World MARK ZUCKERBERG, CEO Of Facebook When A Risk Taker Writes A Book, Read It In The Case Of Peter Thiel, Read It Twice Or, To Be Safe, Three Times This Is A Classic NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB, Author Of The Black Swan

About the Author: Blake Masters

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future book, this is one of the most wanted Blake Masters author readers around the world.

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    In business, we don t get the panacea methodology to deliver a market dominating business or monopoly, and the methodology for the next big thing likely hasn t been defined yet We need to look at each business from multiple perspectives and I do believe Peter Thiel provides another unique perspective not a replacement perspective but an additional one The research shows that disruptive innovation typically comes from new start

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    this book is ok, but like many others I was disappointed that it didn t live up to all the hype The author writes quite arrogantly at times, you get the impression he thinks he is an expert in many fields other than business e.g philosophy The book is written mostly for a US audience, and as such, it may be less helpful for those of us who don t live in the USA That said, there are some interesting concepts and overall it is worth a r

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    In the beginning the author did sound too sure of himself which put me offbut upon giving the book a second try, I realised that he is actually very well credentialed to write the book mainly due to his real life practical experience founding being part of world changing companies Very glad that I stuck with the book, learned some amazing things about economics, and most importantly the author gave me PERSPECTIVE on the industry of business a

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    A good read to challenge some of your ideas before rush into doing something you might regret Not exactly a guide or how to book I personally do not agree with some of the stuff he said about the future economy And there is some point which you probably already know, technology is to enhance human performance, globalization vs monopoly But it does shed some new light on what is necessary to consider when building a team company or spotting a unique o

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    make you think, the next big stocks will be those that can scale and solve hard problems.also like the chapters on why we either do easy things in life but rarely the very hard stuff, and why folk go 2 ways either go for the easy way, eg rubbish job, or other spectrum become hippes,religious cults and believe in stuff noone can prove right or wrong, so they are just as bad as the lazy ones that take the rubbish jobs.makes you realise why some middle east afr

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    Many resources focus on the surface level detail of how to start a business what this does differently is it shows you how to think what goals to target what is valuable and how to put values on things and literally how to win It explains in pretty simple terms why companies like Google are king of their respective field and why some companies like Groupon rise quickly and fade just as fast Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to think differently about bu

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    A quick presentation of Peter Thiel s somewhat idiosyncratic view of the world You won t learn much about how to run a startup but will get some amusing views about society and the economy This perpetuates our society s confusion of luck with judgment, just because someone is rich doesn t man they have any unique insights.

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