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Would You Rather: The Outrageous Book of Bizarre Choices Starting With A Warning Contains Shocking Content Meant To Inspire Hilarious Discussion ZOBMONDO Takes The Idea Of Parlour Game Questions To A New Level Of Debate And Lunacy Based On The New Hasbro Board Game Of The Same Name, It S A Chunky Book Of Questions That Range From The Heinous To The Nauseating To The Downright Disturbing, Each A Field Tested Conversation Starter Because No Matter How Strange Or Far Fetched, ZOBMONDO Knows That Choice Provokes Thinking, And Thinking Is Fun Some Questions, Like A Rorschach Test, Reveal Values WOULD YOU RATHERAge Only From The Neck Up OR Age Only From The Neck Down Be Stupid And Rich OR Smart And Poor Some Delight In Their Own Grossness Eat Three Earthworms OR Wear A Necklace Made Of Them On Your Wedding Day Be Trapped In An Elevator With Wet Dogs OR Three Fat Men With Bad Breath

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    As described, good quality, arrived on time.

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    great thanks

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    The most important choice regarding this book is whether or not to buy it EASY This is one of the funniest books I ve read, ever The brilliant mix of bizarre choices will have you and your friends on your knees.My personal favourite Would you rather, have a wee bum on your forehead Or little legs dangling from your chi

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    kept the eldest teenager happy the adults too

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