Reading ➼ Applying Regression and Correlation: A Guide for Students and Researchers Author Jeremy Miles –

Applying Regression and Correlation: A Guide for Students and Researchers Whilst I am comfortable with maths I don t miss it when it s not there and this book covers the topics of regression and correlation superbly with almost no maths The authors explain the underlying concepts and practical aspects so you come away with a good understanding of the subject AND importantly the ability to apply it in practice They go on to deal with slightly advanced aspects e.g hierarchical variable entry and still succeed in keeping it comprehensible I am impressed and now refer back to the book often when doing stats analysis. I was extremely disappointed to receive a defective print copy of this title I already had a library copy of this book so I know what it looks like and the copy I received from Blackwell via was printed at approximately 75% of the normal size with huge margins See photos This is an excellent stats book and I waited three weeks for it to arrive in the mail and was very unhappy when I saw the print job. An excellent book for the non specialist It assumes a basic level of understanding of maths My knowledge of statistics was limited to an AS level in maths with stats, as well as what I had to do as part of a Geography degree I needed a better understanding of regression analysis for work and was glad I bought this book as I found it was set at just the right level for me. This is a book written by 2 psychologists, not by stataticians It is detailed but nevertheless comprehensable to most undergrads in year 2 and beyond.If you don t know the difference between a correlation and a regression you will after reading it. Simple and clear at the outset, it soon dives into applications where the conclusions made are unclear, particularly because it uses formulas keyed to software I m unfamiliar with A thorough course in regression and correlation should be announced as a prerequisite The word Applying in the title is a warning. This book has helped me understand regression better I bought the impulsively, but it was worth every penny Yes, I would recommend this to people interested in conducting quantitative research in which they are trying to predict an outcome from any number of variables. Well written and complete though dense overview of regression written by some of the greatest historic psychological statisticians A hard book to read cover to cover, but a good book to have for reference. This Book Takes A Fresh Look At Applying Regression Analysis In The Behavioural Sciences By Introducing The Reader To Regression Analysis Through A Simple Model Building Approach The Authors Start With The Basics And Begin By Re Visiting The Mean, And The Standard Deviation, With Which Most Readers Will Already Be Familiar, And Show That They Can Be Thought Of A Least Squares Model The Book Then Shows That This Least Squares Model Is Actually A Special Case Of A Regression Analysis And Can Be Extended To Deal With First One, And Then Than One Independent Variable Extending The Model From The Mean To A Regression Analysis Provides A Powerful, But Simple, Way Of Thinking About What Students Believe Are The Complex Aspects Of Regression Analysis The Authors Gradually Extend The Model To Include Aspects Of Regression Analysis Such As Non Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, And Moderator And Mediator Analysis These Approaches Are Often Presented In Terms That Are Too Mathematical For Non Statistically Inclined Students To Deal With Throughout The Book Maintains A Conceptual, Non Mathematical Focus Most Equations Are Placed In An Appendix, Where A Detailed Explanation Is Given, To Avoid Disrupting The Flow Of The Main Text This Book Will Be Indispensable For Anyone Using Regression And Correlation From Undergraduates Doing Projects To Postgraduate And Researchers. The book is an easy read for an intro to regression However, there are several instances where the authors are wrong about either a term or concept So keep that in mind while reading It s a good book in addition to other regression books e.g Cohen et al.

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