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Photo Retouching & Restoration For Dummies Think Back To The Last Time You Browsed Through Your Photo Collection You Probably Didnt Get Very Far Before You Thought To Yourself, This Picture Would Have Been Great If Only If Only The Exposure Had Been Better I Only That Big Plant, Sign, Or Other Distracting Object Wasnt Cluttering Up Background If Only The Print Hadnt Been Sitting For Years In The Basement Being Attacked By Mildew, Dirt, And Paper Munching Bugs In Years Past, You Either Had To Live With The Damaged Photos Or Pay Big Bucks To Have Them Professionally Repaired Today, Thanks To The Development Of Consumer Friendly Photo Editing Software, You Can Use Your Computer To Do The Job Yourself Whether You Want To Fix A Year Old Family Photo Or A Business Shot You Took Yesterday, Photo Retouching Restoration For Dummies Shows You How Youll Discover How ToScan And Prep Photos For Editing Work With Photo Editing Software Fix The Five Most Common Photo Flaws Get Creative With Collages And Backgrounds Print Photos Or Share Them On The Internet Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Can Do By Following The Simple, Easy To Understand Instructions Provided By The BookBring New Life To Old, Faded Photographs Adjust Colors Throughout The Picture Or In A Certain Object Improve Exposure And Contrast Sharpen Focus Cover Up Flaws Such As Negative Scratches, Scanner Dust, And Dirt Remove Unwanted Elements From The Scene Get Rid Of Red Eye, Soften Wrinkles, And Do Other Facial Retouching Replace A Busy Background With One That Compliments The Subject The Techniques In The Book Use Screen Shots From Photoshop Elements As Illustrations, But You Can Get The Same Results Using Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, Or Most Other Intermediate Or Professional Level Photo Editing Software To Help You Get Started, The Book Comes With A CD ROM Featuring Tryout Versions Of All The Programs Mentioned Above, As Well As Other Useful Photography Software And To Help You Get The Hang Of Color Correction And Other Photo Restoration Techniques, The Book Includes Pages Of Full Color Before And After Examples In Short, You Get Just What You Need To Jump Right In And Start Turning Your Flawed Photos Into Frame Worthy Masterworks

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