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Digital Photography for Dummies (For Dummies (Computers)) In The S, William Henry Fox Talbot Combined Light, Paper, A Few Chemicals, And A Wooden Box To Produce A Photographic Print, Laying The Foundation For Modern Film Photography Over The Years, That Process Was Refined, And People Discovered The Joy Of Photography Now, Than Years After Talbot S Innovation, Photography Has Entered A New Age, With The Arrival Of The Digital Camera And A New And Exciting Way To Think About Photography In Fact, Digital Photography Has Spawned An Entirely New Art Form With A Digital Camera, A Computer, And Some Photo Editing Software, You Can Explore The Unlimited Creative Opportunities Of Digital Photography Just Think No Film, No Film Development Costs, No Limitations Of Working Only With What S There With Digital Photography, You Have Almost Instant Access To Your Photos, And With Photo Editing Software, You Can Easily Clean Up Your Photos And Add Special Effects That Used To Be Nearly Impossible For The Amateur Photographer To Achieve Digital Photography For Dummies, Th Edition, Is Your Introduction To The World Of Digital Photography, Whether You Re A Beginner Taking Your First Shot Or An Experienced Photographer Looking To Try A New Medium In This Newly Revised Edition, You Ll Discover The Following Topics And Explore The Different Kinds Of Equipment From Cameras And Computers To Photo Editing Software Understand The Science Behind Digital Photography, Including Resolution, Aperture, Shutter Speeds, And F Stops Compose Great Shots, Including How To Light Your Subject Solve Common Photographic Dilemmas Such As Capturing A Moving Target And Dealing With Unfriendly Lighting Edit Your Photos By Sharpening Them, Removing Red Eye, And Cropping Them Display Your Photos In A Variety Of Ways On CD, On The Web, Or In Slide Shows Top Ten Lists On Ways To Improve Your Digital Images, Great Ways To Use Your Photos, And Online Resources All Digital Photographers Should Know About Digital Photography For Dummies, Th Edition, Also Comes With A CD That Includes Trial Versions Of Popular Photo Editing Software, As Well As Some Original Photos Taken By The Author That You Can Use To Experiment With

About the Author: Julie Adair King

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Digital Photography for Dummies (For Dummies (Computers)) book, this is one of the most wanted Julie Adair King author readers around the world.

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    Easy reading with humour makes it easy to understand I have been taking digital photo s for several years on a point and shoot basis Now having everything explained in easy to understand terms builds the confidence to experiment with the other buttons on the camera if I make a mistake it will be easy to rectify, a lot to gain and nothing to lose.Michael

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    Does what it says on the tin Im an experienced photographer now but this helped alightly Having used photo wditing programs for a number of yeara i skipped the how to print and how to get the photos from the camera parts Which waa a great portion of the book

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    When ordering i did not notice the Mini Edition this can be read on one toilet visit and offers a little basic advice.Important to consider not downloading the book as your never sure what you will get, as in this case not the whole book Buy the book itself if you must.

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    More basic than I thought it was going to be but considering the price I really have no complaint It could be of value to a beginner I am no expert but this was not for me but I will pass it on to a deserving friend.

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    This book is a complete rip off, the instruction manual that came with my grandsons toy camera has information on taking photos than this sorry piece of rubbish.

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    I have several photographic books digital or otherwise but had to have this one dummies books are great, technical without being geeky and simple to understand Recommend this

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    I am a fan of the for dummies books for their comprehensive level of info on a subject This, however,isn t a book, it is a pamphlet Disappointed with the very limited and short content

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    Been using a digi camera for quite a few years and knew I was not getting the best out of it This book, although a bit dated, is excellent 2nd hand but in pristine condition Suspect it was never used as enclosed cd has never been opened.

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    I agree with other reviewers that this is definitely a mini But if you re a film photographer and already know the difference between an f stop and a shutter setting and you just bought your first digital camera, you will find it useful It includes straight forward explanations of file format, resolution, white balance, downloading images and organizing your image library.If you re new to photography and just bought your first camera, you ll need a boo

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    I got the Kindle edition of this because I am new to digital photography and wanted to have something very portable and searchable This mini edition was just the thing It is really mini but covers the basic points in a concise and understandable way I ve used it on my Kindle Keyboard and my Kindle Fire There s no loss of clarity because of the lack of color in the KK.

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    This is definitely what it s described as, a quick overview of camera basics and explanations I think it took me all of 15 minutes to read If you ve never operated a camera before be it a point and shoot, or DSLR this is a quick overview of the basic functions of camera operation If you re a novice or higher, this really won t provide anything of value in my humble opinion It does give a decent explanation on the rule of thirds for image composition A quick and easy rea

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    I had just brought a DSLR camera and after having paid for a camera than I ever had in life I wanted to know how to use it I turned the camera on and out popped a dizzying array of information Everything was there FStop, ISO and shutter speed stuff The camera came with a basic flash that had its own attendant functions What are the pro s and con s of ISO, versus FStop versus Shutter Speed Digital Photography For Dummies , Mini Edition is a very general introduction to what que

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