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The First Days (As the World Dies) If you love the Z genre this series is a must. On The Morning That The World Ends, Katie Is Getting Ready For Court, And Housewife Jenni Is Taking Care Of Her Family Less Than Two Hours Later, Thrown Together By Circumstance, They Have Become A Powerful Zombie Killing Partnership Named One Of The Best Zombie Books Of The Decade By The Harrisburg Book Examiner. Awesome start to a brilliant trilogy From the very first page you are pulled in with no holds barred.The journey of Jenni and Katie fighting to survive is nerve racking, thrilling with a nice dose of darkness and grittiness.Fantastic book major book hangover. Bought this book after reading some of the reviews on the site A real boring book, it s written by somebody with no imagination who has taken boring American life and added a few zombies The dialogue is stilted, lacks any excitement and reads like a two dollar romance novelonly they added zombies Sometimes you think the author has run out of imagination and the book descends into a working class romance setting, then she announces the zombies arrival Okay so we have some blood and tension and then, gee whiz back to the small town romance The characters are hollow and there is basically no storyline, just some dull characters stuck in a small town, making small talk If you want originality in your zombie stories, then go and read Alden Bell s two books and explore how the whole zombie issue is examined from a different perspective with interesting stories that keep you guessing forget Rhiannon Frater Being a fan of zombie novels and tvs shows for a while now, this book popped up as a recommendation I checked some of the other reviews which were mainly higher ratings and decided to buy it.I agree with everyone else the opening scene is very powerful and good but the book does go a bit downhill after this.The story in itself is not very original but that said most zombie stories aren t It does take a good author though to make the characters and plot interesting There are times in the book that are quite gripping and interesting but overall the book could have been better.The characters for what they are, aren t always easy to take There were times where all them in some way or another got on my nerves a bit, mainly Jenni It s clear her mental stage isn t the best but I was still faced with situations where I wanted to just slap her left and right.Katie I found easier to take even though the constant mention of Lydia seemed a bit too much.Juan and Travis are okay for what they are I feel there isn t a lot of special stuff about them but at the end of the day they do still get matched up with the right female counter part.The interactions between the couples at times is a bit over the top but generally I found myself still rooting for them.I ve come to be sick of the word Loca despite being well aware that it s a nickname.There are some good word exchanges between the characters but some appear a bit forced rather than natural but at times there are good conversations, which seem to flow very nicely.Overall this book a 50 50 thing Some parts seem very rushed and short cut while others seem extended without point.It s not a bad book but the story could do with refining still That said at the end of the day if you just want a book to read that you can read and shut off with then go for it It s alright for what it is but there are other books in it s genre that are better.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The First Days (As the World Dies) book, this is one of the most wanted Rhiannon Frater author readers around the world.

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