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My iPod touch (covers iPod touch 4th and 5th generation running iOS 6) Covers IPod Touch Th And Th Generation Running IOS Step By Step Instructions With Callouts To IPod Touch Photos So That You Can See Exactly What To Do Help When You Run Into IPod Touch Problems Or Limitations Tips And Notes To Help You Get The Most From Your IPod TouchFull Color, Step By Step Tasks Walk You Through Getting And Keeping Your IPod Touch Working Just The Way You Want Learn How To Connect To The Internet, Bluetooth Devices, Wi Fi Networks, And Other IPod Touches, IPhones, And IPads Use Siri To Get Information, Write Texts And Emails, Set Reminders Appointments, And Just By Speaking To Your IPod Touch Th Generation Customize Your IPod Touch With Folders, Wallpaper, Sounds, And Much Configure And Sync Your Information, And Efficiently Manage Contacts, Reminders, And Calendars Communicate Via FaceTime Videoconferences, Text Messages, And Email Make The Most Of Safari To Browse The Web And Mail To Manage All Your Email From One Inbox Listen To Music, Subscribe And Listen To Podcasts, And Watch Videoincluding Movies And TV Shows Capture And Edit Photos And Video Use Your Photos In Slideshows, For Wallpaper, And Your Contacts, Or Share Them Via Email, ICloud, And Texts Use PhotoStream To Automatically Save And Share Your Photos Find, Download, Install, And Use Awesome IPod Touch Apps Take Advantage Of ICloud To Keep Your Content And Information In Sync On All Your Devices

13 thoughts on “My iPod touch (covers iPod touch 4th and 5th generation running iOS 6)

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    I am perfectly satisfied with this purchase and this product delivered it to me promptly and its performance is superb I therefore recommend this iPod to any that are considering whether to buy GJS

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    Good book which covers allthe basics of the Ipod 5 and IOS 6 Hopefully there will be a new version covering IOS 7.

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    this was no good for me as the print was far too small and it is not in a simple to follow language

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    Easy to read and follow the pictures make it easy.Has a nice lot aof information and does explain everything well

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    Well made and good choice of colours

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    A useful guide to the ipod.

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    gives all you need to know

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    I am 80 years old and did not have a clue how to work it and was on the point of returning it when my 11 year old grandson arrived and showed me how to work it Use it mainly for photos and music Brings back all the memories.

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    This book has been a real helpful tool for me It covers nearly everything you could possibly want or need to know about the ipod touch 5th generation I am running ios 8 which is not covered in this book, but never the less most operrations are identical to earlier ios versions I like the fact that the author offers his personal help link if needed I highly recommend this book

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    It s hard to fault this manual I would have given it five stars except I feel that the index could be comprehensive The rule of thumb for the index of a technical manual should be no less than 10 percent of the total number of pages But this sure beats the Apple User Manual for the iPod touch which does not contain an index of any kind I reccomend this manual to anyone who wishes to ta

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    The book is not a deep reference like the missing manual series but it is a good quick guide to find out how to do access popular features and complete popular tasks quickly.

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    Excellent seller, great delivery Book is so so Some of the sections are well written and easy to understand Others are somewhat disjointed and not thorough enough.

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