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Complete Book of M*A*S*H A behind the scenes look at the popular TV series offers synopses of each episode, studies of the characters, details of production, interviews with cast and crew, andthan two hundred photographs I got the hard back copy It s actually pretty big book so I suggest to buy it in it s original form for die hard fans Even for just moderate fans as me It s full of facts and also has the reason making the series, which has some Korea veterans participating in I am not defender of blood transfusions even as health worker myself there are safer alternatives but it s the ONLY problem I got with the series otherwise I am big fan of the show The series is well explained in the book and full of lovely pictures Go buy the big book, won t regret I didn t I had to give it 5 stars As a huge fan of MASH for many years , I was tempted several times to pay huge sums of money for this book Fortunately I managed to pick up a really good copy for 6 , so I am a massive winner The book is great what a bargain Cheers , Martin Robinson The ultimate review of this book has already been written see I have nothing much to add to that This book was published shortly after the series ended and in the interviews some frustrations seep through The photos are great, the plot summaries unnecessary especially when you have just re watched all 11 seasons The search for the ultimate, retrospective, deep delving book of M A S H continues

  • Hardcover
  • Complete Book of M*A*S*H
  • Suzy Kalter
  • 08 June 2019
  • 0810913194

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