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Miami Vice (TV Milestones Series) There may be no iconic image of mid s network television than Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs speeding down Biscayne Boulevard in Crocketts sleek black Ferrari on Miami Vice With its unprecedentedmillion per episode budget and executive producer Michael Mann at the helm, Miami Vice brought feature film production values to prime time and redefined the television police drama In Miami Vice author Steven Sanders argues that the shows themes, narratives, visual realization, and sound design created a new standard of crime television that has its roots in classic film noir and neo noir In chapterSanders describes the social, political, and cultural background that led Anthony Yerkovich, creator of Miami Vice, and Mann to use Miami and its beaches not merely as a backdrop but as a character in its own right Along with the shows visual aspects, Sanders identifies themes of ambiguity, alienation, personal identity, and irony that came to define the distinctive TV noir style of Miami Vice In chapter , Sanders discusses four key episodes to examine the existentialist and postmodern themes that can be found in their story lines and visual style In chapter , Sanders considers questions of authenticity, redemption, and politics in Miami Vice, with reference to episodes that demonstrate the shows attention to the political corruption and intrigue surrounding the war on drugs In the final chapter, Sanders offers a novel explanation of why Miami Vice matters to film and video scholars Miami Vices visual and musical appeal, cultural resonance, and topicality made it absorbing entertainment in its own day Sanders proves that its exploration of social, moral, political, and philosophical issues make it worth watching twenty five years later Fans of the show and scholars of television history and American popular culture will appreciate this illuminating look at Miami Vice

  • Miami Vice (TV Milestones Series)
  • Steven Sanders
  • 01 March 2019
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About the Author: Steven Sanders

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Miami Vice (TV Milestones Series) book, this is one of the most wanted Steven Sanders author readers around the world.

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  1. Mrs. T. R. Smith Mrs. T. R. Smith says:

    good book

  2. marie s marie s says:

    Well written and very informative.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    It was a big shock when this book arrived..It was expensive than Tom Jones bookand so small..

  4. Gaius-Marius Gaius-Marius says:

    Ein tolles Buch, das Fakten und Hintergr nde zu einer meiner Lieblingsserien erg nzt.Gutes Schulenglisch ist ausreichend, mit zahlreichen Schwarzwei fotografien.Viel Spass

  5. Claude Cattoire Claude Cattoire says:

    Tr s pertinent, mettant bien en lumi re le c t sombre de Miami Vice et le fait que cette s rie est la fois sous estim e et m connue.

  6. Coll Jr. Coll Jr. says:

    I admit right from the start that I am a huge Miami Vice fan have been from the start I own the full DVD set, can recite the dialogue from many scenes in several episodes, and can pick out the songs on the radio that were featured throughout the series run Needless to say, I know My Vice A few years ago I read John Paul Trutnau s A One Man Show The Construction and Deconstruction of a Patriarchal Image in the Reagan Era Reading the Audio Visual Poetrics of Miami Vice and wondered if we had watched the same show His observation about the clothing colors matching or clashing with the protagonists wardrobe was interesting, but I didn t feel as though he grasped the concepts and sensibilities of the show Author Steven Sanders put me inside some of my favorite episodes and expressed the same thoughts, emotions, and ideas that I felt when I watched the series Miami Vice was so much than eye candy and gratuitous violence it was a multi layered glimpse into the underbelly of society that others chose to ignore Steven Sanders gets it and it is evident in his writing I truly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to all Miami Vices fans Take another ride with Crockett, Tubbs, and Castillo you ll be happy you did.

  7. fletchmed fletchmed says:

    I always felt like this show got less than it deserved after the 80s ended The author does a fantastic job in making the case in a very readable manner that this show was a huge game changer for television Before I read this book, I thought the series was simply emblematic of the 80s Now, I can appreciate how many things were pioneered by the show still found in today s television.

  8. Michael Michael says:

    The book Miami Vice describes the television show s main characters, key episodes, different seasons, and much The book can educate and entertain the average person, but it often uses a lot of college film professor jargon On many occasions, simple descriptions are used Miami Vice perpetuated the noir tradition by employing classic noir protagonists and themes crime, entrapment, alienation, moral ambivalence, corruption The book often describes Miami Vice as a multi layered and complex show that is than just fashion, prestige cars, and music videos.The book names and describes the television shows and the movies from the 1950 s to the early 1980 s that influenced Miami Vice A movie idea from Hill Street Blues writer Anthony Yerkovich became the television show Miami Vice Michael Mann the writer and the director of the 1981 film Thief had the largest impact on Miami Vice There were two one season shows that imitated Miami Vice when it was still on the air 1984 1990 The book names and describes the Miami Vice influenced television shows that were created after Miami Vice was cancelled.The book describes the economy and the environment of Miami and Miami Beach in the 1970 s and the 1980 s The book s author grew up in Miami near Coral Gables The book reveals that the real Miami was different from the Miami shown on Miami Vice Miami Vice changed not only the way people looked at television, but also the way they looked at Miami and Miami looked at itself The city, which had already begun its latest cycle of redevelopment and renewal to be followed, invariably, by decline, decay, and further repetitions of the cycle , would now proceed to reinvent itself along the lines of the glamorous, style savvy image that Michael Mann had conceived Miami Vice has a lot of influential scenes that people will never forget.A famous scene from Miami Vice is the Crockett and Tubbs car trip while Phil Collins s In The Air Tonight plays Brother s Keeper, Season 1 Episode 1 For than a decade, I wanted to know where the famous scene was filmed I discovered the filming locations after I moved to Miami in January 2013 My enjoyment and interest in Miami Vice has increased since I became a resident of Miami.During the In The Air Tonight scene, I paused the DVD at the elapsed time of 1 hour 23 minutes and 35 seconds 1h 23m 35s I saw a lighted Ocean Bank sign The building in the scene also has two large white columns that are illuminated at night I used the satellite view and the street view on Google Maps to look at every Ocean Bank location in Miami I went to the building that looked like the building in the scene When I saw it in person, I confirmed that it was the same building shown on Miami Vice.My trip to the Ocean Bank building allowed me to identify five buildings that are in the famous scene There are two Miami Vice buildings at the intersection of NW 42nd Avenue and NW 7th Street in Miami the Ocean Bank building 1h 23m 35s and the Shell gas station 1h 23m 34s The Shell gas station in 2013 was a Gulf station in 1984 There are two Miami Vice buildings at the intersection of NW 42nd Avenue and NW 3rd Street in Miami Le Jeune House 1h 26m 31s and the International House of Pancakes IHOP 1h 24m 05s The Management Resources Institute building is between the Ocean Bank building and the IHOP The Management Resources Institute building is at 550 NW 42nd Avenue 42nd Avenue is also called Le Jeune Road 1h 26m 27s.Some of the In The Air Tonight scene was filmed in another part of Miami the Omni area I made a trip to the Omni area There are two Miami Vice buildings on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami Carnival Tower 1h 26m 49s and the Omni buildings 1h 26m 41s Carnival Tower is at the NE 13th Street intersection Carnival Tower is the small part of the Sears Building that was not demolished after Miami Vice was cancelled A better view of the Sears Building is shown later in the show 1h 34m 24s The Omni buildings are at the NE 15th Street intersection The Omni buildings used to be the Omni International Mall.

  9. Earl Capps Earl Capps says:

    There was a lot of thought that went into Miami Vice that the glitz, celebrities and hot music obscured This book delves deep into the creative and thoughtful elements that most people have no idea existed but were always right under the surface Deep but not so long you get lost Definitely a great read

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