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  1. Sarah Hapgood Sarah Hapgood says:

    This book was very much a labour of love for Ms Basinger, and it shows, as it s a simply gorgeous read The author does an in depth analysis of many Hollywood actors of the 1920s who, these days, rarely are remembered, let alone given the credit that is their due She divides the book into types of actors, and this works very well, so for instance we get the cowboys, the flappers, the magnificent femme fatales the successors to the vamps etc Some actors, such as Mary Pickford, merit a chapter to themselves, and deservedly so Basinger reminds us that Pickford wasn t simply a grown woman who specialised in playing little girls or sometimes little boys with lots of curls, but a hard nosed and extremely astute businesswoman, who set up her own production company, in an era when it was virtually unkown for a woman to do such a thing, and had been supporting her entire family since she was 6 years old.Basinger delights in bringing out another side to the actors, for instance Gloria Swanson, who had a magnificent and regal public image, was also a highly skilled comedian, and could do physical slapstick comedy on a par with Chaplin who she of course impersonated brilliantly in Sunset Boulevard Marion Davies has had a rough press in showbiz history, largely thanks to Orson Welles Citizen Kane dismissed as Randolph Hearst s pampered mistress In fact she was a brilliant comic actress who could, arguably, have gone a lot further WITHOUT Mr Hearst s support Hearst often objected to what Marion was expected to do in films, wanting to keep her as a pretty, serene woman For instance, he vociferously refused to let her be hit with a custard pie in Show People Marion got round it by distracting him off to a business meeting the day it was to be filmed, and was squirted with a soda syphon instead A high note is Basinger s tribute to the Mack Sennett slapstick movies the ones that brought us the Keystone Kops For an academic Ms Basinger shows a shrewd understanding of what makes physical comedy works, and how the gusto with which it was done during the silent era would be nigh on impossible to do now The actors were simply at ease with their own bodies, and also, many of the comedians had actually been real clowns.She also naturally shows the downside to Hollywood, how the very first movie star, Florence Lawrence, the Biograph Girl in 1908, eventually committed suicide by eating ant paste, and Mabel Normand, the slapstick queen who lived her private life as frantically as a Keystone Kops chase, eventually burnt out and died at the tender age of 37 In spite of all that though you come away with the impression that making movies in those days was a heck of a lot of fun Clara Bow is reputed to have said towards the end of her life that stars today she was talking in the 1960s had a much better chance of keeping their health, their sanity and their security, but, she concluded, we had a lot fun

  2. john wright john wright says:

    This has to be the best book about silent movies in Hollywood since Kevin Brownlow s 1969 masterpiece The Parades Gone By.Basinger knows her subject and her enthusiasm comes across on the printed page in a highly readable fashion The near 500 pages are lavishly illustrated In discussing the careers of some 20 or so stars ranging from Rin Tin Tin through the Keystone Kops to Mary Pickford we gain a real insight into the workings of early Hollywood Well worth seeking out for anyone interested in the period Incidentally, her later companion volume The Star Machine which looks at the studio system in the 30 s and 40 s is even better and has career profiles of many overlooked stars such as Eleanor Powell, Tyrone Power, Loretta Young and Irene Dunne among others.

  3. EnglishRose EnglishRose says:

    a very interesting book some stars I had heard of and feature in many books but it was the others like Marion Dave s that I found the most interesting.a well written book would recommend

  4. Customer Customer says:

    I loved this book terrific reply explained the ins and outs of the early cinema and its actors and actresses of that reintroducing some new n to me stars and characters written in a pleasant easy style

  5. Customer Customer says:

    A lot of information, well researched, a fantastic read.

  6. rachel crooke rachel crooke says:

    I would have preferred information about the lesser known stars of the era such as Laura LaPlante or Valeska Suratt but what is in the book is very informative.

  7. john ryan john ryan says:

    absolutely brilliant, informative and enjoyable for a silent film fan like myself

  8. Rory Rory says:

    Dans Silent stars le professeur m rite Jeanine Basinger voque la trajectoire d astres du cin ma muet dont la carri re du plus grand nombre fut fracass e par l arriv e du son Bien videmment l on y retrouve les mythiques Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks et Rudolph Valentino mais l int r t de cette anthologie est qu elle exhume des limbes de l oubli plusieurs com diens qui, en leurs temps, taient des stars absolues du cin ma hollywoodien A lire Basinger l on se rend compte que leurs vies n avaient rien envier celles qu ils interpr taient, par procuration, sur le grand cran Mabel Normand fut ainsi m l e au meurtre myst rieux du r alisateur William Desmond Taylor Norma Talmadge, richissime et retrait e, envoya bouler un fan inopportun par un cinglant get away dear, I don t need you any quant Gloria Swanson qui connut un bref comeback dans les ann es 50 gr ce Billy Wilder elle apparait comme un personnage de roman, fantasque et extravagant, cablant son publiciste de son paquebot de retour d Europe, o elle s tait remari e, deux laconiques mots pr voir ovations Tout comme The star machine son opus consacr la fabrique de stars au sein des grands studios, les presque 500 pages de Silent stars se d vorent rehauss es par d innombrables photographies qui redessinent, le temps d une jouissive lecture, les visages exceptionnels de dieux qui furent adul s mais qui sont, maintenant, bel et bien oubli s par la post rit.

  9. bonfireblondie bonfireblondie says:

    As always I enjoyed another informative Hollywood Book by Ms Basinger I could tell that lots of loving research went into this book Never salacious or condescending, with plenty of down to earth facts about these silent stars and their rise to the top and how they faired with the coming of sound Sadly, some self destructed, passed early or bowed out Some never passed the sound test All were exciting to read about.

  10. yy4u yy4u says:

    Jeanine Basinger knows silent movies, but I suspect a lot of people do What she possesses is a unique way of writing about silent actors that seems to change according to the actor she is describing More than anyone I ve read other than Pola Negri who had an intimate relationship with him, she was able to describe Rudolph Valentino s effect, a primal sensuality that transmitted through the camera He seduced through the lens For me, Mary Pickford is an annoying little twit and though Basinger obviously is a fan, in writing about Pickford, Pickford came across as a an annoying little twit I never heard of William Hart but by the time I finished reading Basinger s opinion of him, I saw him clearly as a strong, silent cowboy I have never seen a Fairbanks film but after reading Basinger s section on Fairbanks, his movies are on my list of films I want to watch Her section on Gloria Swanson gave me a new respect for Swanson and after reading Basinger I realized why I laughed out loud at Norman ds slapstick the first time I ve ever laughed out loud at slapstick I swear the woman can even speak dog In the section on Rin Tin Tin, I felt like I was inside Rinty s head Woof woof She isn t perfect she got the age Valentino died wrong he was 31, not 34 and I think underestimated his abilities as an actor, however, she has a unique voice and an obvious love for silent films and the stars of that era Kudus Dr Basinger

  11. Zangiku Zangiku says:

    like all Basinger s books, this imparts lots lots of info and is a fun, often funny, read it does not, however, go as deep as her other books and is just a selective introduction for the non specialist to the world of silent films thru its actors brief bio critiques, of varying degrees of rigor interest, of Mary Pickford, Mabel Normand, Douglas Fairbanks, Norma Constance Talmadge, Tom Mix, Wm S Hart, Gloria Swanson, Pola Negri, Rudolph Valentino, Marion Davies, Lon Chaney, John Gilbert, Clara Bow, Colleen Moore and Rin Tin Tin some chapters are very rivetting enlightening Lon, John, Rudy, Wm , others ho hum Mary, Marion , and one Doug sic so vapid that one must turn one s eyes away and blush the photos, however, are altogether gorgeous a lush book of high general interest many hours of perusing pleasure.

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