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  • Passport to World Band Radio 2001
  • Lawrence Magne
  • 05 June 2019
  • 0914941518

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Passport to World Band Radio 2001Great resource, loads of valuable info. The world s leading shortwave reference covers news, music, sports, and drama, from the BBC to Radio Zambia, including country by country scheduling information for a wide variety of programs Original Fore many years we have included this book in our club bookstore Even it is in english, we have many French speaking international listeners who ordered it It is the only complete guide for Short Wave broadcasting We appreciate all different chapters, mainly the receivers and accessories review, the stations addresses with many comments and useful informations, but the most or must unseful is the blue pages with the list, frequency by frequency, from 0000 to 2400 UT, of all we can listen in the domestic and international broadcasting on short wave And you can use it anywhere in the world More, the quality and precision of information are a plus.Roland PAGET , President, AMITIE RADIO, BP 56 , FR 94002 Cr teil Cedex France This item is of no practical use just a desired piece of collector s memorabilia Also, it is way overpriced. It s fun to look back at bold predictions and see what became of some of the outlandish Back in the 1970s, Yamaha sponsored a series of symphony orchestra performances of a Mozart piano concerto with the soloist playing a Yamaha electronic piano The computer and electronic press dutifully wrote the obituary for the acoustic piano One columnist even stated that by the turn of the century, the acoustic piano will take its rightful place in museums next to the harpsichord and the valveless Baroque trumpet as a quaint period instrument Today, Yamaha builds acoustic pianos in factories all over the world, including the USA, just to keep up with demand.When the first purchasers of analog satellite receivers discovered that they could listen to worldwide broadcasters like the BBC and Deutsche Welle through their dishes, it was both feared and hailed as the beginning of the end for world band shortwave radio as we know it Why would you want to listen to shortwave when you could now hear the BBC with so much clarity, you could actually hear people walking past in the hallway outside the studio doors Once , the date given for the final nail to be driven into the coffin was the beginning of the next century, well, THIS century Those quaint amplitude modulation transmitters, bouncing crackly signals between Earth and the ionosphere, would fall silent because EVERYONE was going to be listening to overseas radio over THE DISH There was even talk of portable satellite audio receivers And books like the annual Passport to World Band Radio would never, ever again have to be published.Well, here we are at the REAL beginning of the next Millenium and world band radio is STILL alive and well Though the demand for world band radios is a tiny fraction of the demand for, say, DVD players, the USA is still the largest and liveliest market for them People who live in severe weather regions find that a battery operated world band radio is often the ONLY source of news and information when local broadcast facilities are disabled by disaster Broadcasters like the BBC and Radio Netherlands tend to localize their broadcasts beamed to North America for this very reason The rains and flooding brought on by El Ni o were covered in detail equaling that of local newscasts by the BBC s World Service.Between such times of trial and tribulation, world band radio still delivers news, information and music that you can t get from local AM and FM, off the dish or over the internet, especially in a form that you can take with you Today s portable world band radios selling for about 100 perform as well as 1000 communications receivers of only a few decades ago.Whether you re buying a world band radio for an emergency or for entertainment or both, the Passport to World Band Radio continues to be the Bible for both the newcomer and the seasoned listener Its equipment reviews cover EVERY worthwhile, easily available model sold in the USA, with a uniform 1 to 5 star rating scale That means a 3 star 100 portable is pretty much equal in performance to a 3 star 1000 tabletop rig.Once you ve plopped down the price of a radio, the Passport guides you to worthwhile listening, giving detailed broadcast times and frequencies The legendary blue pages, arranged by frequency and time, let adventurous dial twiddlers determine just who they might be hearing at a given time on a certain frequency A listing of mailing addresses and phone numbers also gives, where available, internet links where world band broadcasters can be heard via computer.As long as worldwide broadcasters continue to send music and information aflight via shortwave frequencies, there will always be a reason to buy the Passport to World Band Radio.

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