Birds Eye Wartime Leicestershire 1939-1945: Maps and

Birds Eye Wartime Leicestershire 1939-1945: Maps and Aerial Photographs: A Synoptic View of Wartime Leicestershire Brilliant maps and photos Had a hard time hanging on to it as everyone in the pub had to have a look. This very interesting glossy book provides a different and refreshing take on the traditional My County at War local history Instead of the usual posed propaganda pictures, Terry and his son Clive have gone to great lengths and personal expense to research the wartime RAF aerial photographs held at Swindon Coupled with professional cartographer Clive s computer generated maps and simulations, the result is very interesting, revealing where the bombs fell, even down to where the army camps were based in the city Be prepared for saying plenty of Ooh I didn t know a bomb dropped there there was an air raid shelter there anti aircraft battery in ther park on my street etc You ll spend hours looking over the photos There is even the first complete and meticulously researched bomb map of the county, plus aerial photos of all the local airfields This will be very useful for archaeologists and historians of the future and at a great price too Yet another worthy contribution by Messrs Cartwright to Leicester shire s wartime history, which was in danger of being forgotten and overlooked no pun intended. This book was bought as a birthday present and went down a treat, the recipient thought it was great, some interesting facts about our local area, I m sure they ll be visiting some of the sites mentioned. Birds Eye Wartime Leicestershire is designed to give a visual representation of all known military activity which occurred in Leicestershire during the second world war This book contains annotated maps and indexes illustrating the approximate locations ofHigh Explosive Bombss of Incendiary Bombs,Aircraft Crashes, Ammunition Dumps, Military US nd Airborne Camps, Anti Aircraft Searchlight Batteries, Areas Machine Gunned, Practice Parachute Drop Zones, Starfish Decoy Sites and Active Airfields This book containspreviously unpublished Luftwaffe, USAAF and RAF aerial reconnaissance photographs taken between revealing decoy sites, anti aircraft and searchlight batteries, airfields, factories, etc A section in the book is also devoted to Leicester s city centre and various towns and villages throughout the county, revealing in great detail the landscape before post war development took place Photographs of HUMBERSTONE LIDO KENWOOD LIDOBLACKBIRD ROAD STADIUM BELGRAVE RAILWAY STATIONTROCADERO CINEMA POW CAMPS Also featured are reproductions of the original Luftwaffe target maps used in the Leicester raid of Novemberand a selection of original ARP reports covering the bombing of Hinckley and Burbage, Kirby Muxloe, the Vale of Belvoir and other areas in the county

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