[PDF] ↠ I love/hate my Campervan: The triumphs and tribulations of a VW T25 owner Author Sophie Martin – Tactical-player.co.uk

I love/hate my Campervan: The triumphs and tribulations of a VW T25 owner Smaller than expected, but still a good wee book. I saw this book advertised in Camper Commercial magazine, as an ardent fan and an owner of a Campervan having read the short review in the magazine I decided to buy it for myself.I was not disappointed, this is a wonderfully simple short book 33 pages that anyone who has ever owned a campervan can readily associate with From broken fuel injectors to oil leaks and dodgy wipers blades that have a mind of their own to passengers being assaulted by the contents of cupboards flying open and emptying their contents over them, this book covers them all and.The illustrations for which Sophie is well known for are simplistic with an almost child like quality that makes the book even enjoyable The illustration on page fifteen of Sophie s partner covering his eyes is pure class.If you own a camper of any description you will find yourself immersed in the problems of Gus that we have all experienced at one time or another.A thoroughly enjoyable read and I look forward to the time Sophie gets another Campervan and writes about her new adventures. Great quality book. Great litte book for the vw t25 fan This Book Illustrates Everything That Is Wonderful And Equally Frustrating About Owning A Campervan Sophie Invites You To Sit Down With Her For A Roadside Cuppa And Enjoy The Adventures She Recounts Of Her Time As The Proud Owner Of Her VW T Gus From Burst Fuel Injector Pipes To Broken Skylights There Was Never A Dull Moments Travel In Gus If You Are A Fellow Campervan Enthusiast Then Some Of These Stories May Well Strike A Chord With You If You Are A Wannabe Campervan Owner Then You Will Be Warned

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