How to Make Tiny Paper Mache Dogs: With Patterns for 27

How to Make Tiny Paper Mache Dogs: With Patterns for 27 Different Breeds The author makes it easy for you to create a tiny paper mache dog of your own You only need a few basic tools and some materials that you may already have lying around the house The only thing you may need to purchase is a few feet of aluminum wire for the armature or use some wire you alredy have on hand First, choose a pattern from thebreeds included in the book Then build your armature by bending the wires, using the pattern for a guide This makes sure that your finished sculpture will have the right proportions for your breed Add a few bits of crumpled aluminum foil to round out the forms, with the pattern guiding you, and then twist and bend your little dog into any position you desire With these simple steps it s easy to create a lively original sculpture of your own design When your armature is finished, the author shows you how to make the two layers of paper mache as smooth as you want it to be You can add wrinkles, fur, happy mouths and other details after the paper mache is dry If you would like to paint your dog, you can use the author s recipe for an inexpensive home made gesso to add interesting textures Then the author gives you suggestions for painting your sculpture, including an easy way to paint brindled spots, how to give an all white dog an interesting coat, how to emphasize heavily textured fur with acrylic glazing liquid, andThe author is a well known paper mache artist who has written several popular books on the subject She also writes tutorials and creates videos for her blog, at UltimatePaperMache

About the Author: Jonni Good

Im a paper mache sculptor, a blogger, a mystery writer, and the author of four popular non fiction books for artists I grew up in a small town in the state of Washington I now live in Minnesota with my two dogs and a demanding cat who insists on helping me when I make my YouTube videos Jocko, the Border collie in my Utah O Brien Minnesota Mysteries, is based on several rescue dogs Ive lived with over the years One of them is sleeping under my desk as I write this note You can find me almost every day on my blog at

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