The Screenwriter's Troubleshooter: The Most Common

3 thoughts on “The Screenwriter's Troubleshooter: The Most Common Screenwriting Problems and How to Solve Them (With the Story-Type Method)

  1. Michi Lantz Michi Lantz says:

    Are you a newbie or an experienced writer It doesn t matter This Book Is Brilliant I will hold this book close to my scriptwriting heart from now on I have read many screenwriting books, several great ones Still, none of them deal with step by step practicality and solutions to the script problems you will find yourself in It will define your writing craft as a moment of before and after I had this book You ll wonder where this screenwriting book has been all your life.Even if you haven t read Emmanuel Oberg s first book Screenwriting Unchained which I think you should too , you will be forever grateful to buy this book I know I am It s like a Swiss knife for writers Everything you need to solve a script problem is in it.The structure of the book works as a tactical and practical handbook for any writer It s totally fluff free and gives you truly actionable advice But it s also a reference guide with the freedom to dive in wherever you need You don t have to read this book from cover to cover but can identify the specific problem you have and learn about it in its particular section You get all essential information compiled intelligently in chapters so you can solve issues fast if you re on a tight deadline.Where The Screenwriter s Troubleshooter really stands apart is the incredibly detailed look at the various script problems that will occur Emmanuel Oberg understands the nuances that make a great story He offers practical methods to help a writer reach that goal by providing solutions to the most common and typical problems to a script The book provides specific, useful insights and guidance This is a go to book in every way possible.It s not just a problem solver but also educational It will help you see clearly what story and structure are really about.The Screenwriter s Troubleshooter is a masterclass in getting unstuck It provides a set of tools that finally help you get out of your misery to help you solve what you thought was unsolvable.Read it, use it, be creative This book is your friend.

  2. Adam Adam says:

    I love Emmanuel Oberg s first book, Screenwriting Unchained, and have found this to be a good addition to my toolset as a writer It is designed to be read non sequentially, with information organised into chapters based on common notes you might get from a studio However, there is real value in simply swimming around and reading at your leisure Doing so I found advice that would help with the rewrite of my current animated TV series, advice I didn t even realise I was looking for.

  3. Jeffrey L. Armbruster Jeffrey L. Armbruster says:

    Oberg s experience shines through His answers are directly useful to developing a story for screenwriting.

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The Screenwriter's Troubleshooter: The Most Common Screenwriting Problems and How to Solve Them (With the Story-Type Method) InThe Screenwriter sTroubleshooter, screenwriter and screenwriting expert Oberg offers a unique and indispensable survival kit for Film and TV creativesAre you a new writer, eager to figure out why some of your manuscripts are getting rejected or why you re having trouble attracting an agent Do you wish you could quickly and efficiently diagnose what s not working in your projects, improve all aspects of your writing and advance your career to the next stage Are you an experienced writerdealing with development notes on a regular basis, sometimes unsure how to translate them into actionable steps Would you embrace advice that could lead you past the symptom or suggestion straight to the core of the problem and to finally cracking that rewrite in time to meet your looming deadline Or maybe you re a producer, director or story editorworking with writers Do you ever struggle to articulate in a precise yet non prescriptive way what you intuitively know isn t working in a script Would you welcome a development resource designed to increase your chances of receiving a new draft that s not onlydifferentbutbetter Emmanuel Oberg, author of the international bestseller on script developmentScreenwriting Unchained, delivers all this and with the eagerly anticipated second volume in theStory Type Methodseries,The Screenwriter sTroubleshooterBuilding on his groundbreaking approach, Oberg identifies forty of the most common screenwriting problems and helpsanyone involved in the script development processto resolve them He explains in a clear, conversational style the possiblecauses leading to each problem and offers no nonsense, actionable advice towards an organic, effective and creative solutionSo if you d like to know what to do when no one cares about your protagonist, or how to address a weak set up, avoid the dreaded sagging midpoint, tackle an unsatisfying ending and solve dozens of other common screenwriting problems, look no further