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Interview Math: Over 60 Problems and Solutions for Quant Case Interview Questions BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT BOOKS Readers Report That S Rd Party Sellers Are Selling Counterfeit Books The Counterfeits Have Misprints, Missing Pages Or Pages In Reverse Order We Are Working With To Resolve The Issue In The Meantime, Purchase Genuine Books With The Logo Bit XqFAXBBrand New Nd EditionInterview Math Provides Over Practice Problems And Answers To Help Job Seekers Master Consulting Math And Other Quantitative Interview Questions Including Market SizingRevenue EstimatesProfitabilityBreakevenPricingCustomer Lifetime ValueInterview Math Is One Of The Primary Texts For Modern Case Interview Preparation Get Comfortable With Quant Interview Questions Without Getting Frustrated Or Drawing A Blank This Thoroughly Revised And Updated Second Edition Adds Questions And Clearer ExamplesWorld S Selling Book On Case Interview MathInterview Math Is A Proven How To Guide Will Teach You Straight Forward Interview Math Concepts And Principles And Then Master Those Concepts With Over Practice Questions, Filled With Detailed AnswersAfter Going Through The Book, Candidates Will Feel Knowledgeable, Confident, Relaxed And Ready To Tackle Interview Math QuestionsIdeal For McKinsey, BCG, And Bain InterviewsIt S Ideal For Highly Sought After Roles Below Including Management Consulting McKinsey, BCG, Bain, DeloitteGeneral Management Capital One, GEMarketing General Mills, Google, Starbucks, HersheySoftware Engineering Goldman Sachs, MicrosoftFinance American Airlines, Best Buy, JetBlueHere S What People Say About Interview MathThe Book Gave Just The Right Amount Of Detail Which Is Totally Different Than, Let S Say, Case Interview Secrets By Victor Cheng , Was Extremely Clear, And Provided Examples After Examples To Practice On My Confidence Was Built After Reading Through The Book, And I Blasted Through My Quant Case Study During The Interview Thank You, Lewis Lin Highly RecommendIf I Had Confidence In My Math, I Don T Think I Wouldn T Have Made Such Dumb Mistakes In My Recent Case Interview So, That S Where This Book Comes Inif You Have Math Issues If You Work Through This Book It Ll Take Some Of The Pressure Off Your Math Nerves So You Can Focus On The Case QuestionHi Lewis Just Wanted To Reach Out And Let You Know That I Really Appreciated Your Book On Quant Interviews It Focused On Just The Right Amount Of Info, Was Clear, And I Liked The Large Number Of Practice Cases I Breezed Through My LEK Quant Consulting Case Because Of It I found this book useful for reviewing quantitive methods and terminology It s not too long and not too short, covers all the basics and is easy to understand I think it s good for both people that are not coming from a numbers background and also for engineers or MBAs myself that need to polish their rusty skills I appreciated the step by step logical progress and tips for making quick and good decisions during the interview. Good for prepping for all sorts of interviews, excellently laid out, concise practice problems. Honestly,I have been reading and practicing with Lewis C Lin s books All of these books are well structured, detail explanation that transform me to a better analytical person I am very confident during my interviews in now days, even with Surprising type of questions.I thank you Lewis, for all the books that had helped me to Divide and Conquer my job hunting processes Recommend to any students and working professionalsThanks

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